Smith and Thornton's Laugh-In

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    It really has become a joke people. If it wasn't so miserable, it would actually be funny. But the entertainment factor of this entire debacle is huge, and watching a formerly top-notch company come apart at the seams is both laughable and tragic at the same time.

    If you haven't got DRA yet, just wait. If you think it was bad before, double or perhaps even triple your expectations of stupidity. It is so screwed-up, and so illogical, but they're sticking with it all the way to the end of the game. This is analogous to putting your 3rd string QB into the game as a starter, watching him throw 15 consecutive interceptions, and then keeping him in all 4 quarters. It is costing way more money than it is saving, and it makes PM operations a disaster. DRA is poorly-planned, poorly-executed, and for now at least, a huge waste of money.

    MT3 has already told us we're slacking, so the obvious "answer" is going to be for us to become more productive and work even harder because DRA is infallible. I'm sure that all of the new hires that can only do 7-8 stops per hour and are equally helpless on pickups will be up to Matt's "challenge to excel". No more "Friday pace" or "payday pace"...unacceptable. Here's the real joke. Matt and the rest of them can rant and rave about increasing productivity all day long....the newbies aren't there, and most will leave before they ever are there. Mission? Failure.

    This is their plan, and they're sticking to it. Cue the laugh track.
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    DRA= higher mileage= fewer SPH= more rtes on road = GREATER EFFICENCY! (ya that's the ticket)
    I have been on DRA now for ~ 3 months and never follow trace. F em. I take what lands in my truck nothing more, but once on road I'm doing how I see fit. Disp wants me to get extra pup stops, response "sure but be advised I will not meet RTB" Ahhhh never mind we'll get someone else to do em. OK fine...
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    Their confidence in DRA is beginning to waver, you can see it in their eyes.....
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    The sad thing is that it makes no difference whether their confidence waivers or not. They have NO CONTROL over the decision making process. Must suck to be them. Ahhhhhhh, to be hourly. Come in, "work as directed", punch out, go home, get paid, rinse, repeat.
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    So you wanted to reinvent the wheel? Well after millions of dollars of manpower and bonuses to those who created this new wheel were finding out its not as round as the wheel we were already using, is it? No. But they'll say it does/will work its just that the drivers are going too slow and aren't helping our new wheel along. Can someone tell me what was the point of creating DRA in the first place? Really, what was it going to improve on that a good loop of drivers couldn't already do better? You wanted to cut hours? Well, every station has plenty of guys always looking to cut out early. You wanted drivers to be more efficient? YOU WILL NEVER GET ANY MORE EFFICIENT THAN A COURIER ON HIS RTE FOR 5 PLUS YEARS! If you think a courier is sandbagging then have a manager go on the road with him. A good manager can tell the difference between sandbagging and a bad courier. And what ever happened to check rides? We use to get them ever 6 months. We don't even get safety ride alongs anymore. An old way of doing things doesn't make it bad just because its old. You will never improve on the wheel but companies throw good money after bad trying to.
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    All the Above plus the following. For one, Towns Cities and Counties are constantly changing road and street names and numbers.So now we need time and manpower (extra worthless jobs)to enter all that new information into this "system" . What about construction, school zones, one way streets, lunch and break times for a business?All things that will need to be constantly updated by a high priced engineer. We created jobs to get information from the driver and input that into a high cost computer program so that they can turn around and tell the driver how to do their job(in a less efficient manner mind you) Did I make any sense with that statement? No, so welcome to DRA...
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    The wheel has indeed been reinvented, but in this case, the DRA "wheel" is square, covered with contact cement, and studded with spikes. You nailed it with their lack of satisfaction with the prior level of productivity. Right now, a lot of managers would be happy with the old numbers. And there is absolutely nothing they can do about it because Memphis says that it "works" and that the problem is with the couriers, not DRA itself. Like you said, the Memphis elite are paid huge money to think-up garbage like DRA, and even if it fails miserably, they'll still be congratulating themselves on their brilliance. Once again, it was those lazy, overpaid couriers who won't do the 25 or 22 or whatever SPH DRA says they should be able to do.

    Perhaps the folks who thought this up should have run it by the folks that actually do the work? Nah, can't do that because couriers are too stupid to understand this wonderful new software from people who wouldn't know a route from their rear end.

    I'm loving watching the train derail, crash and burn...every single day. I wonder how much this huge money-saver has already cost them?
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    Friends and colleagues, here's DRA - the next Zapmail, HotelPak and Sunday Service all rolled into one!
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    If they want couriers to move faster they should reward the hard working, productive couriers with real raises and tell those who make less if you want better pay then work like that guy. Instead we have minimal raises and no future and yet they seem to think we'll still be willing to hustle and go the extra mile. Or that they can make us. The point comes where they start firing couriers to motivate others then the company truly is over.
  11. MrFedEx

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    I think the tipping point has been reached.
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    It's more like a fat kid jumped on one side of the teeter totter with no one on the other end, much more than a tipping point has been reached ....
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    ​It's already over
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    This is a good point. Everyone loves being rewarded for a job well done. Had the company implemented a program like this one, they could have, at the same time, uncovered whether a courier was truly performing at the highest level possible. There would come a time where he would plateau and, on his days off, not even a super courier floater could touch his numbers. My coach always said, K.I.S.S.
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    Problem is FedEx wants the hard work without paying for it. And apparently they think they can make people super productive with DRA. This is the problem with bureaucrats without real world experience, they have theories.
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    This all misses the point as to why Express did away with the performance review and had to do a flat rate raise for everyone (when they decide to give one).

    And to suggest that management should be allowed to make determinations as to 'who is working hard and who isn't' - completely defeats the entire purpose of a union.

    In a blue collar job that has a group of people doing a similar function, but not EXACTLY identical (Couriers perform similar functions, but no two routes are identical) - how in the hell are you going to determine who is 'working hard' and who is 'sucking up hard' - to get a pay raise?

    Express tried that, and the criteria were a joke. The criteria for pay raises were more tuned into the degree of control that the wage employee allowed Express to exert upon them, rather than the ability of the Courier to think, make decisions and actually get the service provided in a time efficient manner.

    "Working hard" NEVER got one ahead in Express - anyone who still thinks that needs to have their head examined. Working hard makes Fred happy, but it didn't and doesn't do a DAMN THING towards providing pay progression.

    The entire assertion that 'management should be able to determine who gets the raise and who doesn't' - flies in the face of what unionism is all about. It's not about individuals, its about the members of the union being treated by the employer as equals. No favorites, no crazy criteria for determining who gets pay increases and who doesn't. A labor contract states the terms of pay progression, and that is it. Whether someone sweats a bit more than another, or sucks up a bit more than another makes no difference - all are equal in a union shop.

    And this is what is killing the Express Couriers - the idea that they can work hard as INDIVIDUALS and somehow get ahead. It's a losing game - Express won that. The Couriers will need to admit that as individuals, they are MEANINGLESS to Express, it is only as a collective that they have a chance in hell of getting a fair shake. And if that means that someone works a bit harder - that is how it works. Maybe the next week someone else will have to work a bit harder. Then with seniority, you can get into a position where you may not have to work as hard as someone who just joined the company - that is how it works in a blue collar environment.

    So this makes TWO things the Couriers need to put aside if they will ever see a union. The first is their FEAR of Fred, the second is the concept that they can succeed as individuals in a wage position. Individuals get taken to the shearing shed one at a time - a collective negotiates the terms of just how much shearing is to be allowed, and what the employer will pay for the privilege of keeping the wool afterward.
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    The problems with a merit system as I see it is managers play favorites. A guy who works really hard but isn't liked by the boss for whatever reason gets low balled on raises while the suck ups do better. Also if a minority isn't given as much it often leads to discrimination suits. In a perfect world everything would be based strictly on a courier's numbers. Have reasonable goals set for a route and the more your average productivity passes the goal the better your raise. And have auditors checking behind managers to hold them accountable for how they give raises. The problem with your union system is it protects slackers. And encourages others to make less effort due to seeing the slackers skating without consequence. Unfortunately it's a necessary evil of having a union but if companies are to thrive and provide those good union wages and benefits then everyone needs to pull together to make it so. The company's success is your success. Sadly too many just see a company as just the source of a paycheck that's there to be squeezed for every penny you can get.
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    With all due respect I have no idea why you guys are debating the how and why of trying to figure out what kind of raises they hand out. The day of yearly raises is over. That's gone. Memphis has set a precedent in the last 5 years that they will give out raises when they want and how they want and if they decide they don't want to, well too friggan bad. There's the door. Don't let it hit ya where the good lord split ya. That's the main reason I'm gone from this company in the next 3 months. We are all at FedEx or any job for that matter for the money.

    My personal belief with the way they have handled the lack of raises the last few years, was they had a well thought out calculated plan. They stop handing out yearly raises altogether or hand them out very sporadically (one every 3-5 years). The topped out couriers eventually retire or quit or are fired. And no courier at FedEx ever makes that kind of wage again.
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    I'm not trying to debate how and why 'merit' raises should be given. There isn't really any such thing as a 'merit' raise in a blue collar environment. In a blue collar environment, you either meet expectation or don't. If you meet expectation, then raises should be determined by a contract or policy which clearly states the amount the raise will be and at what point the employee will no longer be eligible for raises (topped out). Simple as that. Any attempt to turn blue collar work into a 'merit' system has AUTOMATICALLY stacked the deck against the employee - the employee will never win. The Couriers are now just figuring that out.

    Yup, I was there in 2009 when everyone got crapped on. I was already into my plan to get out; the ending of the scheduled raise merely reaffirmed the decision I made in 2006 to get the hell out.

    Now if just 15,000 or so other Couriers could figure that out - they might be motivated to do something. But I do remember seeing something on here right before I started posting earlier in the month, about a 'new system of pay raises that was instituted last year (2012)'. Yes, I laughed my ass off about that one.

    ANY blue collar employee provides their labor SOLELY for the money. They aren't part of the decision making apparatus of the company, they exchange labor for a wage - that is it. Many of the Couriers still have this misguided notion that they are 'part of the company', they are 'FedEx', that they are 'FedEx-ers'. Those individuals are also deemed to 'bleed purple' and don't have a friggin clue as to what their real role in the company is. Delusions of grandeur I guess....

    And some back in 2010 said I was full of proverbial sheet....

    The ONLY thing that is in variance with what I posted in 2010, is the RATE at which Express is rolling out its intended changes. After seeing the success that Fred and company experienced with this 'slow motion avalanche' - I have to hand it to him, he was a true master of deception. Most expect change to occur as a lightening strike (once a change has been decided upon). Even in business management practice, it is suggested to: Evaluate need for change, make a plan for change, implement the change as quickly as possible.... This is done to minimize the period of time where employees experience 'uncertainty regarding their future with the company'. When the 'cut' is to be made, make it QUICK to get the pain over quickly, and allow those that are left to stop worrying if they are going to be next - and let them get on with working.

    In Express, this hasn't been the case - and the reason has solely to do with Fred's desire to prevent the wage employees from realizing what is happening and trying to do something about it; this 'wait and see' attitude that is so prevalent both in stations and even here. The change has been slow, agonizing slow, imperceptibly slow. This has lulled that 'frog' into a false sense of security, into thinking that nothing really is happening and that if something does happen, it can jump at any time.

    Fred is a master when it comes to 'sleight of hand', (looking at his right hand, while his left hand is doing something unexpected).

    The only question that remains is whether the Couriers in the next few months will realize what is happening and start to take steps ON THEIR OWN to prevent the change from screwing them, or will they continue to watch the magic act and wonder how Fred manages to keep pulling stuff out of his right hand while not watching his left.
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    On the official notification that the March raise had been deferred to October it states that the annual raise will now take place in October. The new raise system has been posted in stations with explanation of how it works. Sorry if you don't believe it, but then others on here weren't even aware that it had been posted. I'm not thrilled about it being deferred to October, and it's not an adequate raise system, but there is a new system in place. The big question isn't whether there's a new raise system, but rather will they continue to raise starting and topped out pay. If so then it's just a farce for mid-range employees.