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    Is anyone else out there having trouble with this AonHewitt Navigators that UPS has chosen to administer our retirement health info? Specifically, I am having huge issues with my RRA account and I can not get answers. I have had issues with the amount of money that has been deposited, which I thought was fixed after weeks of nothing in the way of communication. Now I find out that half of the amount that should be in there is missing. Also, I was told that to claim reimbursement for the now 3 months of premium payments I have made for my husband and I that I will have to submit all kinds of documentation including copies of my BANK STATEMENTS!!!! Are they kidding??? No one gets copies of my bank statements! Also, I was told today that I only get half because I am the retiree and UPS no longer contributes to my husband.
    Thirty-two years and I have to put up with this crap.
    Any ideas anyone???
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    Why don't you simply black out the personal data and non-pertinent transactions on your bank statements before submitting them?