So...Moonlighting eh?

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  1. Just thought I'd drop in with a noob question and wish you all the best of luck in adjusting to your new jobs.

    I'm a noob FedExer and there are several from my orientation class that probably won't be there next week. I hope you have more drive inside of you than they did. One week? C'mon, not even. More like 3 actual working days. Ridiculous. The pampered youth of America nowadays...

    As for the title: I have a few buds who work at UPS down the road and I have been pondering joining them on their shift because UPS is hiring right now. Unfortunately there's a no moonlighting policy at FedEx; so, I face a moral dilemma....Do/Can/Should I work for two masters in the same industry?

    I got bills to pay after all. Growing up is such a ripoff.

    I always did like whiskey though. ;D
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    In order for you to be hired at UPS you would basically have to lie when asked to list your employment history.
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    Don't ask, don't tell. As long as your shifts don't overlap, no-one will ever care.
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    Why would he need to do that?
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    Go for it! UPS just wants a warm body. They don't care if you are working at FedEx, or anywhere else for that matter. They just want you to show up. I talked to my center manager a couple weeks ago and, out of 20 doing the walk through and 4 being hired, 1 is left.
  6. I had a tour and interview earlier today. I hope to get a call back soon. I'm not sure about joining the union or not. It seems like it hasn't done much in the past three decades for part-timers in terms of wages, and with the new healthcare act I'm eligible to remain on my father's insurance for 3 more years (good stuff too, he's a county employee).