So what are yall thoughts parttimers

Shall be permitted vs required is what I think is an important difference. In my building I am not aware of any BA or stewards talking to new hires unless the new hires seek them out, I'm in 177.
I have no idea who our current twilight sort Union Steward is. Our previous Steward is now a BA. And a good one.


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Wow…you got the short end of the stick. 10% of mine were top notch….60% decent….20% garbage….10% could rot in hell.
Someone on here posted this years ago. I took it printed it up and framed it. Presented it to a couple of preloaders.


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That sounds like the typical American. I have a big house it’s almost paid for. No boat, because it’s a money trap, no car payments since 2006. A wife who has been faithful as have I. Three great kids who I never once regretted the cost of raising and who are almost on there own now.
No motorcycle. You disappoint me.

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Give all the money to the full timers.

The part timers don't stay long nor do they vote.
Pretty ignorant comment.
While it may be true where you work is certainly not where I work. We have more part timer than full timers and easily more than half have been with the company more than a decade. We’ve got one who has been here 45 years, 2 more over 30 years and 20+ more with 15 or more years. We have 10 air drivers all with more than 10 years.
And every single employee at our site voted during the last contact …yes 100%
Our part timers work their asses off