So what happens to your air can missorts?

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    I'll tell you what happens to ours, nothing.

    We have 2 main buildings in our city. One for north side and one for the south side. Every day our center has missorted air that's shuttled over to our buiding from the other. It usually arives about the same time but always after the drivers have already left. I asked a supervisor why we don't deliver those and he said, "because they will show up late, we'll deliver them tomorrow." I'm amazed at this because there are 15 to 20
    packages a day that are shuttled over here. Because these packages weren't sorted in our local system they are not a part of the current days precious numbers, which means they are not important, hence the customer isn't important. That would be unacceptable if this was my company.

    Does this happen in other cities also?

    The reason I brought this up is because today they are being delivered. By who I don't know, but shouldn't everyday be like christmas eve? Shouldn't everything be delivered everyday?

    My christmas eve rant!
    Happy Holidays:happy-very:
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    Many years ago when I was an air exception driver that is exactly what I did, I made service on all inbound air missorts, most if not all on time. It was a nice time I was being paid to take long trips.
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    When I worked at the PHL air hub 15 years ago.. the part time supervisors would drive any packages left in the building. So if a package destined for Baltimore was left in the Blgd, I would have to run it down there after the sort so it made service. There has been cases where we've put planes on air flights in order to attempt to make service and even rare cases of us chartering planes in order to make service. Not sure if this is still done.. but I assume it is.

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    That's the difference between yesterdays UPS and todays UPS. The service we used to provide is secondary to the cost of what it takes to retain loyal customers. This attitude of "don't worry, we'll take care of it tomorrow" will leave a bad taste in many of the customers and company's we serve.
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    All thanks to public traded stock.
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    Maybe it's a region/district thing. My building gets late air every day. It's shuttled out to drivers and delivered late.
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    Yes, everything should be delivered everyday, but that was a time long ago and far away..Today you hear people saying "That's not mine, that's not my area." Sad part it is upper management.