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    last friday, before the storm, my wife shipped out a nda saturday delivery for a customer in the louisville area. usually she uses fedex, because they dont have a problem coming back in the afternoons, which the ups driver seems to have. so another one of the girls in the office takes it the 12 miles one way to the centers customer counter, and ups accepts it there. its about 3:30 on friday.

    monday morning, my wife goes into work, and the response to the nda letter has been faxed back to her date stamped sunday morning, including information that could only have been known by the destination customer if they actually had possession of the package. so she thought everything to be fine.

    at 10:40 am monday, ups calls the head of the research center, a doctor, not the phone numbers that were put on the package in case there was a problem, to apologies for the delay in the delivery of the package. so the head calls my wife to follow up on the package.

    the website had absolutely no information that was useful, so she called the center. with all the center's ability to track in real time, the package showed being in knoxville monday morning.

    now, this package contained a lot of very personal medical data on several people, so the security of the package is really a concern.

    but yet, if the destination customer did not get the package on saturday, and the physical scan still shows in knoxville, then how was the information received back from the customer in Louisville?

    the best answer that we have had so far is geez, we dont know what to tell you. we really dont know where your package is.

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    This does not sound good at all. For UPS anyway, my guess is for your wife it is just fine.

    Most simple guess based on what you have provided, someone in Knox failed to scan it when it was loaded into a container for Lousiville, and the Sat Air driver failed to get a delivery scan on it when he delivered it.

    Have her get the GSR, then maybe put in a claim for the basic $100 insured value, and have a nice dinner on UPS. Then call the consignee to give the packaging back to the center later so we can at least give the driver a warning letter.
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    Jump to conclusions much? What are the chances that both a destination and delivery scan were missed?

    BTW, documents do not have an insured value.

    Danny, please keep us updated on this.
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    I'm still trying to grasp UPS calling the customer to apologize for a late package before even recieving a complaint.
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    That's a new one on me too.
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    I think Danny may be setting a trap for Integrity?
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    Your wife received a fax? where was the fax sent from, phone number bottom of page? NDA would arrive Mon. not Sat. so assuming 1S. Could it have been an issue with the Sat. crew delivering a package after the normal time commit and a heads up Sat. OMS or Sup calling to appologize that same day thus your wife getting info monday morning upon getting to work? Hell, my hats off to the driver if he/she got the phone number when at the delivery and later called.

    Bad addy? I report bad adds on time commits to center, who then, in turn, attempts to contact customer to get correct addy so if at all possible I might still be able to get the package to customer that day.

    In my book, if this possible explaination turns out to be correct, thats great service once you get past the missed commit time issue, and without knowing what caused missing the commit time NOBODY here can or has the right to point fingers, weather maybe?

    We need a bit more info me thinks!
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    yes, sometimes I do.

    Get overly touchy and defensive much? Most of the last part was in jest.

    Odds of a missed delivery and desination scan? Low, but not impossible, and increase based on the fact that it is Sat air, therefore a sat air driver, prob. a part timer working in the hub during the week. Do you have a better explanation for a package that the consignee aparantly has in their hands, and yet there is no delivery scan? Lets hear it.

    By the way, I was not jumping to conclusions, I was providing the best conclusion I could come up with based on the infomation provided, which , I believe is what the OP was asking for.
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    Physical scan in Knoxville MONDAY morning? or the LAST scan was in Knoxville Friday (dest)? I'm guessing the latter.

    BrownIE man is probably correct. Sounds like it may be a bad label, or no label? Perhaps the smalls loader just dumped it in the bag and Sat air driver dropped it off. Most logical conclusion with what is given.
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    I'm thinking some of the people replying are not reading the original post.
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    ya think? ;)

    the label was an asd, prepaid, for more info than that, that is what we were asking for, but no one has been able to fill us in. like how they got the docs phone number, when all that was on the package was the direct line to my wifes office. more info as to how they can respond to a nda letter that shows in knoxville monday am, but yet they had information that appeared in the fax sent sunday, that could only have been known to them via the letter. so they must have gotten the letter sat, but yet it showed being in knoxville monday?

    as of wed, 4pm, still no explaination.......

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    Could the bar code have gotten marred, and a clerk in Knoxville had to make a new label for it?
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    Sounds like you may be entitled to a refund for no delivery scan.