Soo.. We got Diad V a few weeks ago....

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  1. I'm only posting this because I know there are members of the team who designed this on this site who read and participate in discussions here.

    Cliff Notes (in my opinion) huge improvement over DIAD 4, and thank you. Hardware is pretty much "there" but the software could really use a couple tweaks, please.

    Who else is using it ? Pros and Cons ?

    Pros: It's FAST, it scans amazing and will scan everything the old DIAD wouldnt, batt life seems to be great too. It signs SO much better, the text/numbers are clearer/sharper. I like the plastic buttons over the "softer" buttons, they dont seem to be getting dirty/disgusting like the old ones. Obviously the size and weight are much better, and allthough lefty's still press it, nobody seems to be constantly hitting the Signature key. I like the new holster too, the snaps are secure, doesnt move around or bounce on my side. I actually never even use the holder in the truck, I just leave it on my belt all the time, one less thing to grab/put away getting in and out. Customers all mention that it looks nicer, more professional. Feels "right" in your hand, I can hold it the whole time while I scan and unload things. THANK YOU FOR SEPARATING THE LETTERS/NUMBERS !!!!!

    BUT... Again, it seems they didnt put it in the hands of "real" drivers. I know, nobody is going to be happy with everything, and alot of people like me just want to complain. I LOVED it at first. My second delivery I cut the tether off the pen, it kept getting caught on things, and all of my customers hated trying to sign with it. (No big deal, I haven't lost the pen yet, and I already have a spare pen in the truck should I actually lose mine)

    Why the big gap at the top off the screen, it's lit and it works. Seems like theres a wasted 3/4" at the top. You could fit more stops in that space. When looking at EDD, I want to see as much as possible without scrolling. I deliver in small, tight areas where roads run into one another and loop, etc. And is delivered differently daily. I need to be able to see all the stops possible while walking to and from the truck.

    Why on earth is it touch screen ? To save 4-5 buttons ? The delivery key should ABSOLUTELY be a physical button. I have to reach to hit deliver and I see the touch screen responding when I press, but often it takes a second push to actually get it to respond. Again, sounds silly and whiny but I'm doing it 100+ times per day. I found it easiest to just push the yellow dot button and 5 than 7 to DR front door. All it did was add an extra button push for me. Trying to push Deliver on the touch screen while I'm walking/delivering has almost gotten it thrown a few times. It's way too bright, and even though I see it dimming, it's still way to bright at night. I work in a dark area in the evenings, and I can't look at it at all while I'm walking.

    I'm growing to despise the lightning bolt key. Probably my fault, but I keep managing to press it half the time I pull it from the holster, and it just error beeps and flashes at me when I'm trying to scan or push buttons. Why can't it default out of lightning bolt mode when it sees me obviously trying to do something else ? If I'm pressing scan or something else (without looking at the screen) and it's in lightning bolt mode ? Instead of error beeping, just go back to regular mode as if lightning bolt wasn't pushed. If I really wanted to use a function in that menu (rarely) I would be looking at the screen. Often I pull it out and I'm looking at the package while trying to scan and it's beeping at me. I've got to stop, look at it, take it out of that mode and than move on.

    And lastly, now working with a helper whose using DIAD 4, every time he delivers something it comes out of my EDD which is great and on paper perfect. I drop him off in large areas to deliver and while I'm working I can see what he's gotten done (awesome) however they come in in clusters, require a touch screen response to "accept" and there's one for each stop. It completely stops me in the middle of what I'm doing till I accept all 15-20 stops for EDD removal. Since I don't have a choice and I have to hit accept and there isn't an override, why require the button press.

    Example, pull up to a stop, customer sitting there, unloading 5 boxes, scan 2 than it will interrupt and tell me 100 main st was found and delivered in another load (my helper) please press accept (accept is only a touch screen button by the way) I press, than it stops me again, 104 main st was found in another load and delivered, please press accept, hit accept. Stops me, 109 main st was found in another load, please press accept, etc. This goes on and on in front of the customer for 15+ stops, and I can't scan, see the board or take signatures. Again, it's seconds from being thrown. Why not just remove from my edd, or notify me that 17 stops are being removed, big arrow up, or press accept or something. This happens CONSTANTLY throughout the day. I know, I know, sitting behind a desk it's easy to say, no big deal, press accept and move on. But any driver will tell you how much time is lost when something breaks that "delivery rhythm" when you're moving at a good pace. And you've got that customer trying to answer a phone and you're sitting there, accept, accept, accept, accept, accept, accept, etc. Before you can take their signature and move on.
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    Another flaw with the DIAD V is that it is too easy to butt-dial the scan key, to the point where sometimes you have to stand there and wait while the scanner goes 10, 15 or even 20 times. There needs to be an "interrupt" key that will shut the scanner down. Also, while the built in flashlight is handy, the screen should automatically shut off while the flashlight is on. Otherwise, the glare from the screen is almost blinding if you are looking down at the ground and using the flashlight to try and see where you are going in the dark.
  3. SignificantOwner

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    I agree on the prompts. I stood like a dumb-a** at a lady's doorstep on Friday having to hit accept 30 times before I could have her sign for her signature required package. It was awkward for both of us. My prompts were caused by the preload not getting all the packages loaded and then scanning them as LIBs while I was delivering. I'm glad they were taken out of the board but the only option is to accept, so why do I have to hit the button 30 times (well, 45 times since it sometimes takes a couple taps)? I say eliminate the prompts and add an option to look at EDD changes on demand.
  4. SignificantOwner

    SignificantOwner A Package Center Manager

    Good idea.
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    Old news. We have had it since Sept 2011. I had to use the DIAD 4 for a helper board and I felt lost. So glad the toggle button between Letters and numbers is gone.
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    I like how you can stick it in a door to keep it open. Perfect size.
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    I hardly ever use the touch screen. As you said, I use the function key, 5 then option for delivery point. I felt I was putting too much effort into trying to use the touch screen. For the most part to use the touch screen it is a two handed operation. Like watching newbies text on an iPhone.

    And I also don't use a pouch. It's either in my hand, in my back pocket or in my holder in the cab.
  8. TearsInRain

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    my building isn't slated to get it till March..
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    I love the new diad, best by far, keys are little small but it okay it scans everything, and very fast. No holder back pocket only.....
  10. barnyard

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    It bums me out that admins do not see the importance of keeping a rhythm or flow going. My helper only uses her board for 10-13 stops a day. I have a diad 3 for a helper board and it is waaaaay too slow. It is so slow that it slows the helper down. No point using it if it is going to take an extra 15-30 minutes of my time and helper time. Together, we have been running .75 under. The day I 'made' her use the board we were .24 over.
  11. UpstateNYUPSer

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    The first two days I had my helper his board would not scan at all--we got 40 and 30 stops in there, respectively, using Find BC. OMS swapped out DIADs and we have averaged 90 stops in his board the last 3 days and have been an hour or more under each day.
  12. Dr.Brown

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    when are they going to activate the camera function???

    Wish the alpha keys were in "qwerty" style, also there should be a way to enlarge the font, I find myself looking at the board too much while walking

    all in all it's a pretty cool device, just wish they'd use some driver input
  13. barnyard

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    We do not have any boards to swap out.

    My helper also does not like to wear cheaters while working, so she has a tough time seeing the screen and buttons. Rather than force the issue with someone that is doing a good job everywhere else, I do the scanning. Even with me doing the scanning, it is waaaaaaay faster to use my diad than hers. Too many, "find BC" entries. If I used her board, she would be at the truck, waiting for me at every stop. Not acceptable.

    You do what works for you, I do what works for me. We are not all Stepford drivers.
  14. gingerkat

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    I'm glad you said this, because my board is really slow. Sometimes it takes me 3-4 times to scan something
  15. over9five

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    And the first thing they'll tell you is, "We surveyed thousands of drivers, and THIS is what they wanted".

    Ya, right!
  16. barnyard

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    Actually, they did send teams out to centers with devices that were used, driver evaluations given and that input was used for this diad. I was one of the testers back 3 or 4 years ago. One of the members of the development team used to be a member and regular contributor here.
  17. UpstateNYUPSer

    UpstateNYUPSer Very proud grandfather.

    Ginger, try this---when you start to deliver a section in EDD scroll down to the first stop of that section and mark it by hitting the left arrow button. Select a the package(s) for the first address in that section and scan the barcode. If the barcode does not scan on the 1st or 2nd try hit enter, big arrow down, scan, Find BC, last 4 of tracking number, enter, enter, driver release, stop complete.

    I am glad that you are going to take a stand with your driver tomorrow morning. Dave.
  18. serenity now

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    * minor point, but any consecutive 4 will work *
  19. 'Lord Brown's bidding'

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    Learned something new today:

    One of my biggest gripes with DIAD V is the ease with which one can prerecord a stop, since the prerecord button is now a touch button. I'll be scanning away at a bulk stop when suddenly, after scanning a box the address screen comes up, because inbetween scanning the last box and the next my thumb precorded the stop. This is a real pain when you are at a stop with an air in it and it prerexords after the commit time. It's happened to me once before. Today was the second time.....


    The stop it happened at will occasionally accept pkgs for another bldg, so I use the "pre-record/left-at" function. Normally, if I am up against the NDA commit time I'd just have the receiver sign twice. Today, once the stop with the air was pre-record, I shrugged my shoulders, said "Whatever" and left it in pre-record, scanning in tue 2nd stop. However, once I stop-completed, I did not get a late air prompt! It appears when one uses multiple LA, the time stamp used is for the first stop pre-recorded. I did not know that....
  20. gingerkat

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    Thanks guys for your help on the diad & shortcut when it doesn't scan. I was able to use the find bc today and it saved me a lot of aggravation.