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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by blue efficacy, Nov 9, 2007.

  1. blue efficacy

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    So UPS canceled the Night Sort at my hub on Tues Night. The power was out for the whole facility. And they knew this ahead of time well enough to call everyone and tell them not to come in, but they didn't. They had us all rounded up by the breakroom and told us "Sort's canceled, everyone go home."

    So what they did was sent all the trailers over to the other major hub in my metro area. And to help manage all of that extra work, supervisors from my hub went to work there.

    Now tonight, we learned the official decision is no PTers will get paid for tues.

    So, in summary, they call off the Night Sort due to a power outage. They don't give us the courtesy of a call to let us know that it's unnecessary to come in. We report to work and are forced to leave. Our work is sent to the other hub, and supervisors are doing our work. No hourly is offered the chance to follow their work to the other hub for the night.

    That's all well and good. Doing what has to be done to get the volume processed. BUT WE SHOWED UP TO WORK, AND THEY WON'T PAY US OUR GUARANTEED 3.5. UPS could have done the right thing and just paid us our 3.5, but instead they have to make us grieve for it. And it wasn't an Act of God or anything. The power went out. Not an act of God.

    This company has no class.
  2. retired2000

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    get your union steward and file a grivance
  3. Big Babooba

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    Everybody who showed up for work should grieve it. Our drivers won a simular grievance because they were sent home after they showed up for work during a blizzard. They were told to come in even after calling the center to inquire if they were working.
  4. scratch

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    It sounds like you should grieve on reporting to work and supervisors working. I don't see why you weren't allowed to go across town to work the other Hub.
  5. Covemastah

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    tell them loosing power was completly avoidable and you are putting it in their file lol they should be aware of the changing work conditions and had a planned end of day oh those bastarbs!:cursing:
  6. Scooter1

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    A this is a no-brainer grievance (they have to pay), but the company still wins. Just think about the small percentage of employees that will actually grieve this. The union could file a "et all" or all effective grievance to get all employees paid. Try to push your BA into doing this.
  7. rod

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    I totally agree they should be paid for the missed work but on the other hand the "act of God" clause is really vague. If someone in management actually turned off the power or if UPS had ample warning from the power company that there would be a power outage and they failed to notify employees not to come in then I would say they have to pay. If on the other hand it was just an ordinary power outage that strikes without warning that would probably be ruled an "act of God". They should have let those that wanted to follow the work do it.
  8. blue efficacy

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    It sounds like this is going to happen. That's what my steward told me.
  9. LKLND3380

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    They dont have back up power in your bldg? We had an electrical fire in the computer room a year ago and ran on back up power for the sort...

    You reported for work = you get 3 1/2 hours... GRIEVE IT...
  10. magoo57

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    Sir, you have more than a grieve, you have a safety issue! If your hub is anything like the ones I have worked, there may have been pickoffs three stories high in the dark. Not to mention irreg drivers driving in the dark. Or persons tripping and clanging their heads in the dark.
    Most people, even supervisors can listen to reason(yes, Mr. Moreluck, supervisors ARE persons). But ORGANIZATIONS only listen to money. Whether the group is a company or a government or even a church (witness the Catholic priest scandals of the past decade), money is usually the factor that changes behavior. So greiving the company in this case is not just being greedy, it is trying to change dangerous conditions and policies.
    And if your shift had enough personnel, have your shop stew utter these magic words....

    Your chain of command will be on the horn to Atlanta within the hour.
  11. magoo57

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    My apologies, MS. Moreluck
  12. Fnix

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    Irreg drivers have headlights
  13. raceanoncr

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    Maybe you outta contact Edwards about this matter. You seem to think he has all the answers.
  14. Dirty Savage

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    It was my understanding that if you reported for work and were sent home due to lack of work then you are to be paid your guaranteed hours. This has happened to me a couple of times due to blizzards closing the highways and I was always paid my 8 hours.

    Grieve it now!
  15. longlunchguy

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    Grieve it. What do you have to lose? You already aren't getting paid. Grieve it.