Sorter vs Unloader

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  1. JordanDelano

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    Which job is better for sunrise? Heard sort gets more hours and pays more but don't know exactly how difficult the test is and how hard the actual job is too.
  2. gorilla75jdw

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    I always liked the sort aisle better , I was able to socialize more with fellow workers and the pay was better as well as I was using my back as roughly .
  3. sortaisle

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    It's just like learning everything else. It'll be hard for a week learning the sort, but then one day you're doing things automatically before you know it. Most places has a $1 premium unless you're in a smart building then they take it away for new sorters. If I had to choose between the two sort for sure. But I like my job now parking trucks. Best position in the building by far imo.
  4. JordanDelano

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    I would get the dollar raise for it it's just that I'm a new hire & I would be starting off as a sorter. Just want to make sure its nothing that I can't handle
  5. browntroll

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    sorting is easier since you mostly pull packages, and unloading is supposed to be harder because you have to use alot of legs/back to pick stuff up.
    i prefer the unload since i got used to it over the years and sorting is boring to me now unless you have someone that can hold a conversation and not just
    put his headphones on assuming you get a partner. the raise is worth it if your building offers it as for the actual work, just go with what you think is safe
    and assume you wont get help incase of a jam.
  6. PT Car Washer

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    I have seen woman 8 months pregnant in the sort aisle. They just ask the guy next to them for help on the overweights.
  7. calcio56

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    its 'sort' of tough....look for patterns. stuff like:
    all of the 500's except 560-579 go red. 560-579 go blue.
    all of CA goes orange.

    i also found it easy to associate NC is