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  1. Fixxxer

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    In 2018 I changed positions at my station and got a raise and also had less than 1 year of service by October.

    Because I already had a raise and was there less than one year my Oct raise was really small. Because of this will I still go up just one step or is it ever possible to go up more than one depending on the circumstances?

    Also when was the last time they didn’t give out raises and how much notice did they give?
  2. dezguy

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    We don't have the ten step plan here. Your raise will be a percentage, based on your review.

    You will still get a raise, should your review score not be too low.

    2008 was the last time they screwed us on raises. They capped raises at something like 15 cents. It was also the last time there was a union drive. I don't know if FedEx is going to risk that again, here. Especially seeing as we can unionize at a station to station level, unlike down South.
  3. Fixxxer

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    I’m hoping my score is at least 6.7 to get the full raise but I’m thinking it might be just short of that. Do you know what % the full raise is?
  4. dezguy

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    Usually 2.5% for top review score. Could see them adjusting for this year, though.
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    You said score, must be Canadian... probably best to ask your manager.