specialty jobs not in hubs. skilled jobs.

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    hey guys whats up. i work in a warehouse and what we like to call the outpost cause no one likes to come to our building but maybe a few times a year if that cause were so far out of the way. anyway i work on the airbelt and also do internationals when need be, shift trailers, and a lot of other stuff to. recently there was talk about making the small sorts, and clerk jobs skilled pay but all the managers wont let it happen cause we are not a big enough operation as they put it. is there anything we can do about this or is it way out of our hands? I mean seeing that TSA could come up at any moment and nail me for some stupid crap or someone could put a bomb in my air trailer and me not knowing isnt stress enough. thanks for the input.
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    At my center we have the same practice but to compensate all preload employees are paid as "skilled position" we recently had a couple guys take a $1/hr pay cut to transfer to the local sort. You should check with your Steward about practices in your area to make sure you're not being shorted on pay.:peaceful: