SRP/EBO Deadline This Friday

Discussion in 'UPS Partners' started by Six Sides, Feb 22, 2010.

  1. Six Sides

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    As the deadline approaches, how many will take it and leave, or stay and play the game? Will it be enough, or will the SRP be expanded to supervisors or other departments? It will be an interesting show!
  2. MC4YOU2

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    I had though I understood the deadline to be in March. Is that not correct? Our DM stopped by a few days ago and reiterated that March would be when we know "who still has a job and who does not."
  3. Bubblehead

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    This Friday is last working day in February. Monday is the first of March. As I understand it the changes will start taking shape next week.
  4. Cezanne

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    What Six Sides was saying was the decision to take the EBO or SRP has to done by Feburary 26, this coming friday. You then wait around for a month (vacations getting your house together) and have your going away party (if you are popular) around the end of March or the beginning of April. Those selected that decide to stay will suffer death many times over in a less responsible ground level assignment.

    It would be a great opportunity for some of our management people who are leaving us to be able to fully express themselves in their final working days. I would imagine that they have biting their tongues for some time now.:biting:
  5. Six Sides

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    Looking forward to the full expression of those leaving, I wish I was one of them. We work in an environment of tell me what I want to hear, not the true reality of the situation.
  6. soberups

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    What is happening to our company is basically a long-overdue enema.

    We have become a bloated, flaccid pile of bureacratic lard, with too many mid and upper-level management people trying to justify their own existence by burying those below them in reports, memos, unachievable metrics, and impossible expectations. We are wallowing in a pool of our own excrement and its time to break free of that swamp, shed the dead weight, and hit the ground running.

    I am optimistic that those who remain will have enough actual work to do that they wont have time for the endless reports and pointless micromanaging.
  7. hangin455

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    You are indeed optimistic. I think you'll see a new level of micromanagement.
    I think the "drop dead" for decisions is 3/10.
  8. brownsugar

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    The paperwork has to be signed one way or another by the 26th, then there is a week to change your mind
  9. tieguy

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    Same thing I heard. Also the actual departure date is the end of April?
  10. pretzel_man

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    I have attended countless retirement parties over the years. They have been for UPSers at all levels; from Admins to Region Managers.

    So far, they have all been a celebration of a great career with thanks given to co workers, and yes to UPS. Every one.

    I see no reason that these people will express anything different than the others...

  11. sosocal

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    i don't see it being expanded - from here it is what it starts with division and filters down to mgrs, sups, specialists,..... I am glad a buyout was extended to managers nearing retirement- it was a nice gesture in dealing with an unfortunate reality... but there will not be one given to sups - On the bright side I don't see very many sups being "affected".
  12. brownsugar

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    April 30th is to be the last working day for those that accepted the package - offical calendar says district/region staff announcements to be March 12th, but am hearing it will happen March 8th & 9th.
  13. Monkey Butt

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    What you you done for me lately?
  14. RoyalFlush

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    Last day for decision is 2/26. Managers that will turn 55 this year work till last day of birthday month. If 55th birthday is in December the person stays through December.
  15. Six Sides

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    “A nice gesture” as an affected sup with 30 plus years and turning 55 this year, I look at it a little differently. I see my company giving a lump sum cash payout plus pension and benefits to the 54+ age group at all levels of management EXCEPT ONE the supervisor!!! Talk to a sup that is or was planning retirement this year and you will get an ear full. EXCEPT ONE how to you justify that?
  16. tieguy

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    Any sup getting ready to retire knows this company did not get where its at giving money away. The offer has been carefully made to a select few that the company wanted to leave. this offer benifits the company it was not meant to be a christmas present to the individuals who were selected.

    OVERBOARD Active Member

    What, we don't work for the government, **** there goes my handout.
  18. Six Sides

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    You must mean denied to a select few. It is given to all levels of management in operations that are 54+ years of age except one the supervisor.
  19. Cezanne

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    You sure like sailing on the "Good Ship Lolly-pop" don't you?
  20. Anonymous 10

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    I thought the reason for the buy out is because the company finally figured out that they were giving there money away to these managers for doing nothing?