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  1. URnewAT1point

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    So finally the HR recruiter gave me my first day which is on Monday and i was told to bring a couple of things.

    1. Leather and Non-Slip sole shoes.
    2. Water.
    3. Form of ID

    Can someone help me where to buy some really good but inexpensive shoes? and for water do you recommend a Jug or water bottle?
    I dont know if i should be excited on monday but it means i need to sleep early :sad-little:

    Thank you.
  2. barnyard

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  3. Cementups

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    Untill you know you are going to stay, just check out a shoe outlet or skechers store or even kmart. No use in paying good money if you won't stick around.
  4. no more than 9

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    I agree, don't spend any money. In order to get the job they will put you through the ringer.
  5. Indecisi0n

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    I never understood the mentality of "cheaping out" on footwear. Your going to be on your feet for 10-12 hrs a day (at least in my center) so buy a good comfortable STURDY work shoe/boot. You can get a good pair for 75-90 bucks.
  6. Based on my own experience:
    The UPS organizatioN has a unique opportunity for newbies:
    Shoes. a real basic requirement.
    Nike/Adidas/whatever are not what Loaders/Unloaders need to protect their feet and toes. what is required is proper footwear with steel caps. These shoes are NOT inexpensive, But who wants to invest if they do not know, if they are going to survive teh probationary period, and whatever comes thereafter.
    So UPS has an opportunity. Provide proper footwear (at least after the 30-day probationary period) at an advantageous price in order to provide this part of safety requirements. The how and what and when can be sorted out.
    UPS has sufficient experience to provide recommendations for the proper-slip-resitant toe-protecting work shoes.
    This is just one of the underlying experiences of someone, who made his own experiences. Things do fall down from slides, and if everthing lines up, it will hit the toe. If you have a steel-cap in your shoes, wou will be protecyed. Sneakers a la Nike and company will not help you. And ther are situations, wgen the platoforms are more than slippery.
    Safety is not cheap. But it is a minimal investment compared to damages which might happen. AND YOU USE CAN THESE SAFETY-ORIENTED SHOES EVEN WHEN YOU DO NOT SURVIVE YOUR PROBATIONARY PERIOD (for one reason or the other).
  7. gotbrown

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    individual bottles so may use the empties if you cant find a bathroom on route :surprised:. comfortable blk sneakers sketchers work for me, go through them with in 2 1/2 3 month though.
  8. TearsInRain

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  9. OptimusPrime

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    He just got hired. Suddenly gonna go combo or driver? Doubt it.
  10. OptimusPrime

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    Steel caps, aluminium, plastic, wtf ever are not required. I should have this memorized, with all the right ups, but it's something along the lines of "sturdy work shoe, sturdy leather uppers(whatever the deuce that means), and a non slip sole.
  11. laffter

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    Most UPS employees do not start off as drivers.
  12. URnewAT1point

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    I was hired for loading/unloading job. so i guess you think i should get a steel toe shoes?
  13. Cementups

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    Some would recommend it but it is not required. And in my 19 years at UPS I have never once worn steel toes.
  14. laffter

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    I have steal toe boots now because they were given to me for free. They're definitely good for kicking boxes, but they do hurt my toes sometimes. Not required.
  15. TearsInRain

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    if they put you in the trailers, i'd say yeah get some steel toed boots

    anywhere else, get a good pair of slip-resistant walking shoes in black/brown, no one will ever bother you
  16. Loufan

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    If you're just peak season i'd just go to walmart and get a cheap pair of boots, hell i'm year around and i just get a pair of steel toed sketchers for around 50 bucks and they last all year.

    Also as said above steel toe are not required but you'll be glad you have it the first time a 40 lb gamestop box (small and heavy) falls off the rollers and on your feet.
  17. YourBoss

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    My feet were saved several times by steel toes. Which I got at walmart btw.

    Bring a big thing of water, maybe even one with a big opening to get ice in it. Staying hydrated is extremely important.

    Work safe, smart and hard and they will keep you if you're seasonal.
  18. Mr Shifter

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    Get composite toe boots. They have the protection as steel toe and the added benefit of not setting off the metal detectors every time you leave the guard shack. They will strip search you I telephones if you set that bltch off at my HUB. :/
  19. DiligentUPSer

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    Another vote here for picking up some steel toe shoes/workboots at Walmart for $25-$30. Going without the steel toes would be a big risk if you were to drop irregs (parcels over 70lbs) or a stack of rollers (which are hundreds of pounds on your feet). It happens, especially when one is new and don't know what they are doing or get into a big rush.

    Good luck. It is a good job for someone who is attending school and can take advantage of the tuition reimbursement or someone who is planning on sticking around for the long haul. On the other hand, it's not a good job for someone looking for a job for a year or two or less. For what it's worth, about 3 of the last 15 new hires we have had in our area made it past 3 months.
  20. klolx

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    Yes get a steel toed shoes. oh lawd i remember when i used to load