Start Preloading Tomorrow. Advice - On Topic Please

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by KingCMO, Mar 20, 2016.

  1. KingCMO

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    I got the job because I use to work for UPS as a seasonal helper in California hopping on and off the drivers truck delivering packages to the front doors. Unfortunately I'm a Convicted Felon and I'm lucky I got this opportunity.

    I start tomorrow morning and I want to have some knowledge on what to do and how I should do it so I don't suck too bad my first day.

    I am a smoker and I haven't been too active the past few months. I know the first couple weeks will be rough but I gotta get through it because it's so hard for me to get a job. And this job can be good.

    So please any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated.
    No Trolls please.

    Serious Buisness only
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  2. SaladTosser

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    Well you're going to be the key to a driver having a good day or a bad day. Listen to what people try to teach you. I dunno if you're gonna be qualified to drive later but it's a good gig if you are.
  3. scooby0048

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    First, good for you for putting the past behind you and getting back into the good life.

    Don't sweat the small. Everybody sucks their 1st day. You will have a trainer who will be working with you to show you how things get done. They may or may not be cool. Again don't sweat the small, you will only have to deal with this person for a couple of days while they train you and then they will throw you to the wolves on your own. Try to listen well, things move pretty quickly so try to take in as much as you can in those few days. It will all come together in time and practice.

    Lot of smokers in this job and they do fine. I'm sure if you can handle being inside the walls,you will be just fine. Fast paced but even a smoker can do it, just try to pay attention to your work and talk to your partners and drivers to see if they have any input for you.

    This is a good opportunity for you and at some point, you might be able to go into driving which will definitely change your life. Good luck out there and congrats on getting in with the company. Hope everything works out for ya!
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    I'm just curious. Did they acknowledge your felony, and still hire you? I just ask because a friend of a friend got hired by UPS, on his 3rd day they came into his truck while he was loading and escorted him out. Told him his background check came back and they could no longer keep him. Now his felonies were burglary and/or stealing of some sort which could of made the difference. But it was just weird they hired him, trained him, and let him work a few days before they took notice to his background. Best of luck. Just remember 1000 does not mean 8000. And RDL does not mean FL1. You will understand later.
  6. KingCMO

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    Yes they acknowledged that I had 2 felonies
  7. KingCMO

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    Thank you your input is very helpful I appreciate it
  8. Wally

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    Yo King, How many get a second chance? Not many I'd bet.

    Keep on the straight my friend and good luck!
  9. MendozaJ

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    You may not actually preload for a few weeks. They'll likely put you wherever a body is needed, and observe how you work. You may come in only to be sent home. You need lots of patience early on.

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  10. Number24

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    Work as directed. Listen to no Supervisor, let your co-workers help you with any questions that you may have.
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    Are you in the picture?
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    Yeah well that's my dead brother and his best friend so....
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    Sorry to hear that, just making sure
  15. Boulevard859710

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    Yes it will be tough for a couple weeks. You will even have a "box dream"(loading boxes in your dreams) on a few occasions. But it's been over 21 years and I haven't looked back.
  16. BurntSienna

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    Show up on time, even a few minutes early. Bring plenty of water. I also recommend a little snack for break time. You're gonna get hungry and start to lose your energy after a while. Work at a quick pace, keep moving, read every label. Most important thing is to avoid misloads and get everything in the right car and on the right shelf. Your load quality will improve over time. Takes practice. Listen to what your sups and partners tell you. Make friends with the other preloaders. Don't be a d$&@ and I'm sure they'll give you valuable advice and tips. Good luck
  17. Number24

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    Might want to change your avatar also
  18. snarts

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    I like to look at every day as a work out. This job is a really good way to get fit and stay fit while also earning some decent change.
  19. retiredbrown

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    It's very similar to jail, hang in there and good luck!
  20. greengrenades

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    Just come in and work. It's just UPS, pick up and box and put it somewhere else. Easy peasy.