Starting as full-time driver too good to be true?



My friend had his second interview with UPS. They told him he has a physical and a road test to complete at which time he would start the week long in class training. Reading posts about becoming full-time, is it too good to be true considering he applied right off the street? Is there any advice anyone has for a friend of a future UPS driver


He is being hired during the casual period. He will most likely not become a permanent employee.


Depending on the volume he may become a permanent employee. My neighbor was hired as a peak season driver and ended up staying on.


Your terminology is strange, you are asking for advice for a friend of a future UPS driver. . .

Is that actually your question rather than advise for the future driver?

What type of advice are you looking for if so?

This hiring is certainly for seasonal use only.

However, if he shines it would make it likely that they would strongly consider him as their next permanent street hire.

Unless (and probably even if) he is in great physical condition his thigh muscles (and several other places) are going to be protesting after the first day by himself if he is in an older truck with the non-power steering and high step entrance/exit.

My Christmas helpers (jumpers was the more accurate term back then) were always close to worthless on day two from soreness, but the young bounce back quickly.


Don't know what the rules are in Boston, but where I was from it was every sixth full time hire was off the street, and then it was usually a PT sup.


for every 4 drivers UPS hires in house they are able to hire one seasonal driver and make them a full time driver


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Im in ny and when i went down to apply as a package handler in november the hr rep told me i was eligable for ft driving cause i worked for fedex ,but the only thing that held me back was a stupid moving violation (failed to signel).What sucked about that was the fact this happened in nov of 04 but i tried to fight the tickect and didnt see a judge till sept of 05 and was ofcourse convicted. Ups goes by the date of conviction,doesnt matter that ive been clean since nov of 04. But the hr rep told me that they were in need of alot of drivers and that they dont like to advertise that way???? He could be a lier and he also told me i woudnt have been considered a peak helper,like i said he couldve been lieing. Anyway im a package handler now, im a sorter who works the twi. So far i cant complain i work hard and havent missed a day since nov (even during the strike i made it too work)So all my sups seem to like me and take care of me like letting me stay late even if theres not much work and i dont have much senority over other guys[-][/-]. Anyway im paying my dues and plan on working a year till im able to work the part time driving shift,then from there wait till i can go fulltime. So yes it is believable to me that your friend is being hired as a fulltime driver,just warn him that the first 30 days can make him or break him from what i have learned from a thread on this site posted a couple months back (what can brown do for you?).


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I worked the preload for a half year before peak came around and became a peak season cover driver. The center manager decided to keep me around after peak, I have about three more weeks before I make 30 days.

Around here you can drive as long as you don't have more than 3 convictions in a 2 year period.


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bah, I had a speeding ticket lets see
04 PEAK I was driving to meet my driver (I was a helper)

By April I was in school for driving... :)

The only two moving violations I've ever recieved
were due to UPS... ok I don't blame them
but I was in the process or on the way to work when they happened...
LOL oh well..


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We had a casual driver in our building who usually carried at least 10 points on his license at all times, 12 and DMV will yank your license away from you. The majority of his tickets were recieved when he was hurrying to get to work because he was running late. He was let go by the state police who clocked him at 87 mph in a P500 only to get stopped again about a month later by the same trooper for the same offence and guess what, this time he recieved a ticket but still did not lose his job and the trooper had told our center manager about the other incident where he had let the driver slide at the time when it had happened at which point the center manager told this driver to slow it down or it will cost him his job. But the final straw that broke the preverbial camels back was when this driver got in an accident 1/2 mile from our center in which he hit the car in front of him so hard that that car rearended the car in front of him and both cars were totaled and the state police estimated his speed to be 75mph in a 40mph zone. But not to worry Fed Ex Express almost immediately hired him on because of his delivery experience and he said that he liked it better there anyway because there is less pressure to perform there and a thier trucks are much faster than ours. So I do not beleive that driving records play that big of a role in being hired at UPS at least not where I am from, heck about 20% of our drivers have DWI convictions and some are multiple, and even if it does cost you your job apparently Fred still wants you..