Starting as seasonal driver - I have a few questions...

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Extra Medium, Sep 24, 2018.

  1. Extra Medium

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    So as the title states, I will be starting soon as a seasonal driver. Took the road test and did just fine. Vehicle seemed to have great handling and was pretty much what I was expecting. Will begin the training class in a few weeks. I'm aware that as a seasonal driver I will not be part of the Teamsters union and such but I have taken the time to learn and familiarize myself with it. I am curious to know all of your opinions on what this new contract could potentially mean for seasonal drivers getting hired off of the street? My friend who referred me for the position has went 3 for 3 with getting his friends hired as full time drivers off the street in the past year and a half at the hub. He seems to think there will be a good chance of a permanent full time position this time as well but the window is getting narrower when compared with recent years. After glancing over the contract I noticed that (x) amount of full time driver jobs need to be filled by means of recruiting part-time employees rather than looking to hire seasonal as full time. Now I'm sure the part-timers will like this as they have earned it but what does this mean for seasonals looking to become full time? My buddy told me that most indoor part-timers don't even want to drive.
  2. BadIdeaGuy

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    Most ain't all.
    A goodly number of us are waiting our turn to get in.

    At my center, seasonal drivers almost never stay on. Sounds like it is different at your hub. Mine's pretty small.

    Did any of your friend's referrals work inside the building for a short period of time?
    If none of the higher seniority guys want to drive, you might have a shot that way, too.

    Good luck, anyhow.
    Don't hit nothin', and don't let nothin' hit you.
  3. silenze

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    Your friend probably has a better idea of your local conditions then we do on the internet
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  4. Extra Medium

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    That is very true and I believe that the part-timers waiting have definitely earned it. Yeah I guess its been so insanely busy at our hub the last few years that they have had a hard time getting enough drivers. It's the second biggest hub in the state I believe. They all did a couple months inside the building right after peak before receiving their call. I guess all one can do is hope right! Thank you.
  5. Extra Medium

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    I figured that as well but he was telling me 50/50 chance, meanwhile HR was saying roughly 20 % chance.
  6. tacken

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    That's goodly????
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    What size cup do you wear.....

    Oh I see, it's your name.
  8. sandwich

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    If your willing to move. My center will keeping 100% of our seasonal driver. We are over 30 drivers understaffed. Now we got guys going into feeder up until peak. We kept 100% of them from last peak. We are worse off this year than last year with staffing.
  9. Extra Medium

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    Unfortunately I don't think it's in my cards to move right now. I'm assuming you working at a large hub as well? I just can't help but wonder how the new contract will come into play with starting as a seasonal driver trying to become permanent at this hectic time. Really curious to see if it becomes ratified.
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    The vehicle you'll drive during peak will not have great handling and will not be what's expected.

    Hope this helps.

    At my small hub, seasonal drivers who get hired on, are cover drivers for others taking vacation. imo- Older drivers have earned more vacation and are closer to retirement; how many older drivers are at your hub?
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  11. Extra Medium

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    I will definitely have to keep that in mind and be prepared for a lemon package truck. Now that you mention it I do remember my friend mentioning that their are many older drivers getting really close to retirement so perhaps that is why he is so confident about their being a good chance for me to become full time. That being said they apparently have hired a lot of drivers off the street in the last year or so and I think I might be coming in towards the end of the hiring spree. I'm hopeful to make the cut as I've heard how uncommon it is being hired full time as an outsider.
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  12. Brisket

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    Hold onto that optimism... you’re gonna need it when you walk around the back of the truck and can’t see the front door because it’s bricked out and you may feel deflated, but take it one stop at a time!
  13. UPSjedi41

    UPSjedi41 Active Member

    The contract really won’t change your chances. Generally UPS hires less in contract times but that seems not to be the case right now. They are hiring tons of drivers. As an off the street hire myself who was seasonal, do everything by the book, work hard and expect to be given the worst of everything. Don’t get hurt, don’t get into an accident
  14. eats packages

    eats packages I have depth perception issues

    With all the major package car purchases lately our seasonals might actually get one to drive rather than a rental uhaul lol.
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  15. barnyard

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    Is the search function broke again??
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  16. Active Member

    Indoor part timer.

    You can take my driving option. I don't want it.
  17. Wally

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  18. Kinda facing the same dilemma.
    I wonder if talking/calling/emailing some of the management and telling them you want to be permanent would be a good idea or not?! :confused2::confused2:
  19. Dulce Bombón

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    You right existing part timers won't drive cause we are about to have hip replacement, knee surgery soon. You can have the job for $6 less and working weekends. Good luck:congratualtions:
  20. rocket man

    rocket man Well-Known Member

    Remember. Seasonal
    Let us no at end of long season if you are still here and we will answer g