Starting pay for a Full Time package delivery driver.

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    I was told that the starting salary for a full time package delivery driver is $72,000/year and are in the midst of negotiations for a salary increase to $75,000/ year. Is this true ? I appologize I am new but am curious as I would like to, some day, obtain a full time driver position.

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    I think it's around $14
  3. You should have a copy of the Union Contract, if not contact your local and have them send you one. You should have gotten one when you started and you should get one every new contract.
    Right now it works like this:
    You start at 70% of 2002 full rate which was $23.77/hr up here in New England.
    then 75% after obataining seniority
    then 80% after 1 year
    then 85% after 18months
    then 90% after 1 and 1/2 years
    finally full rate after 2 years. The last bump is a big one because you have not gotten any full rate raises during your progression. Everything is based on the 2002 full rate.

    Of course if UPS and the union get their way the length of progression will be even longer. :crying:

    So much for equal pay for equal work. I remember when progression was 6 months. :thumbup1:
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    I'm just starting a seasonal package car driver @ $14.70 per hour...
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    :thumbup1: Keep in mind that you will not be on salary, you will make an hourly wage. Depending on your location and how much work you do, will determine your yearly pay ( hours+overtime worked). You will not start off making $75k, maybe after you reach top pay, again that depends on your center/building.
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    I thought New England was at $28 and change.....
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    You posted the pre-2002 contract. Current one is different and progression is currently 30months.
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    70K is gross pay for a senior Package Driver in my area that averages working 9.5 hours a day. That is $28.19 an hour straight pay and about $42.38 an hour for overtime. I don't know what the current starting hourly rate is.
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    And you earn every penny of it too.
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    I don't know you but I like you already. Hope you are throwing some water on your roof if you are in SC.
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    I live in Norcal. 500 homes lost in the San Diego area alone so far. Reminds me of Oakland when it burned in '91(?). 3000 homes lost then. California gets all the "fun." Earthquakes, wild fires, floods, drought, etc. We don't have hurricanes or tornado's though. Maybe with global warming we will.
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    12 Months
    24 Months
    30 Month

    Master :Article 41 :Section 2

    And I thought there was a reduced wage for anyone Hired For christmas peak of 70% of Start pay??? Maybe I am mistaken or Its been removed
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    Lol...when you are telling someone to get a copy of the contract. It does nothing if you can't read the correct sections.

    $14.70 Start
    $15.75 30 days
    $16.80 1st year
    $18.90 2nd year
    28+ 2.5 years depending upon your cola raise
  14. I stand(in this case sit) corrected, my bad, haven't had to look at that section of the contract for 20 years. :tongue_sm

    I still stand by my comment of:
    So much for equal pay for equal work.
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    so do you folks get double pay for overtime????
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    Overtime is time and one half (1.5)
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    hmm. Well you guys would know much better than I do. Thanks for information I appreciate it ! I'm not sure why someone in upper management would have told me that figure then if its not true. hhmmm
    anyway thanks again !
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    Yeah, they ALWAYS tell the truth! :thumbup1:
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    las vegas is a great place to become a driver, at least growth wise. fastest growing city in the country.
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    Those 115 degree temps in July make it in even better place to work in my opinion :confused:1:confused:1:confused:1