Staying at old building when new one opens

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  1. TheFearlessBunny

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    We have a new building opening this Friday. I’m in my 30 days as an on-call air driver and I’m still reporting to twilight at my hub because I can’t live off of $200 a week. Starting tomorrow (day 18) my on road is flipping me to a tcd. This center is moving to the new hub on Friday and I am not going. I don’t like the center and I can’t stand the routes. I drove for the last peak and hated it. I’d rather try my luck with the new center. I asked one HR lady and she said I’ll end tail with the new center and pickup where I’m at in my packet, the next one told me I either go with them or DQ myself. Does anyone at least have an approach for something like this? I’d rather not make 1/4 of the money all peak.
  2. eats packages

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    You do not like the new center, or the old one?
    The "new building" here has a lot of country route options, and I doubt the hours are going to be much different during peak.
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    Suck it up buttercup. You need the money, your young. Just strap on a set and work it..
  4. TheFearlessBunny

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    I don’t like the current one but they’re moving to the new building. Haven’t met the management for the new one. Sorry, I meant 1/4 the pay as in working in the hub from DQ.
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    go west young man
  6. eats packages

    eats packages I have depth perception issues

    Plenty of overtime in the west lol.
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    Wait until you figure out how much money you might lose out on over time as a result of a self-DQ.
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    Suggestion: Apply with Amazon you will have 12 hours a day full benefits since day one + 15 an hour. Good luck. No more drama or indecisions.
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    Screw that. Become a plumber.