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  1. In America today the worker is treated as the "problem" of the company,at all companies. Yet, when the country gets its self into a pinch, World war II, Vietnam, E.T.C., and our way of life is threatened, they expect the "problem" to go and fight and die for this great country, and companies, to ensure their profits. Starve the problem and then let them die defending fred smith's way of life.

    fred smith can shove it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Well said my brotha. All the Fred Smiths of this country can shove it ! They are quickly trying to turn the USA into China.
  3. Cactus

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    Good luck to Fred someday when he tries to restructure hell.
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    He's been negotiating behind the scenes with Satan trying to get Hell under the RLA. Something about the "lake of fire" actually being an airport.
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    Somehow the workers of this country went from being seen as an asset to being seen as a liability. No longer are we fellow human beings with families and dreams of of own but a set of numbers on a spread sheet to be squeezed of every penny to boost the bottom line.
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    I believe that to be correct. I look at it as each worker is a potential medical pit or lawsuit. So the less you have the better the chances, right? By the #'s they are correct, however it is totally sad because it is held against us.

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    Held against you? Like you hold the potential medical pit or lawsuit against each worker? If you treat your workers as subhuman you will get the same treatment in return.
  8. It will be no different for the upcoming generation. Those coming out of high school will be fighting in Syria, or Yemen. Or hell, maybe even Egypt or Russia. Their reward for fighting another decade long war in this economy will be a job like Ground driving or package handling, with an ever-weakening GI Bill to boot. I feel drained just thinking about it. What a sad prospect for our youth.
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    You mean loading a truck and delivering packages (in an unairconditioned truck in the city) isn't a job that youth should aspire to doing? even if they get to be their own contractor (which means that they will likely be stuck doing that job)??