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    Who wears gloves in the summer? I love wearing gloves for a few reasons: 1) Helps keep all that nasty dirt off my hands 2) Helps keep my hands from drying out 3) helps me handle packages (I wear the palm dipped glove which stick to cardboard). The only issue I am having is the sweat under the gloves. In about 3 weeks my gloves/hands smell like monkey butt. Anyone come up with a glove that breaths and does all the above?
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    You buy new gloves. Only way to not have smelly hands lol
  3. Indecisi0n

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    Yea the gloves are cheap and thats what I been doing. Just curious if any has had luck with a certain type of glove.
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    Have you tried washing the gloves?
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    If I wear gloves in the summer I wear the Nitex P-200 BR. It's made with a nylon liner and nitrile foam coat.It breathes well and does not cause the odor problem associated with glove do not breathe. It get them from a guy in UT that caters to all the local UPS drivers. Gives them a special rate.
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    i was afraid to even open the thread ( but i caved )
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    I don't wear gloves even with it <30. I just can't maintain proper grip and as an irreg driver dropping a 100+lb box on my foot because of gloves is not a choice. I'd rather have to wash my hands for 10 minutes because of all the dirt.

    A container of gojo is possibly cheaper than the gloves that would be used in the same period.
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    My biggest concern about this thread is not the title...BUT...

    How do you know what "monkey butt" smells like?
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    Home depot black and grey gloves by firm grip , I love them but they don't last to long with me

    I have been wearing gloves like yours now for a month and what has helped is rotate them around I use 3 different ones in a week and then wash them over the weekend
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    I use THESE...they last quite a while and can be washed. Works great with the DIAD and my phone's touchscreen.

    I don't mind getting my hands dirty but I wear the gloves mostly to keep my hands from drying out from handling all the cardboard...
  18. these style are a hot seller around our building they are nice in the summer and its 110 here in the summer, work good with the diad and my iphone they usually last 2 months or so
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