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    Stock flirting with all time highs, but we are discussing concessions?

    The month leading up to the previous ratification 11/1/2007 -12/19/2007 the stock topped out at $75.14 cents. During that time it even bottomed out at a little over $70.00 (November 21st 2007).

    But lets go with the high at the time. $75.14. Today it closed at $84.76. That is close to a 13% increase in value from 2007 negotiations HIGH until our current negotiations. The increase percentage would be even higher if I had used the November 21st 2007 low.

    Lets compare that to some other stocks.

    11/1/2007 -12/19/2007 The stock topped out at $103.83
    Today it closed at $98.48 That is a loss of over 5%

    11/1/2007 - 12/19/2007 The stock topped out at $90.38.
    Today it closed at $89.29 That is a loss of 1%

    11/1/2007 - 12/19/2007 The stock topped out at $40.34
    Today it closed at $23.37 That is a loss of over 42%

    So, in closing..... UPS stock has increased in value by 13% from where it was during the 2007 negotiations. Fedex loss 5%, EXON loss 1%, and GE loss 42% during that same time period. CEO is making more now then 2007. Stock holders are getting a bigger dividend then they did during the 2007 negotiations.

    Side note, the companies I used were not cherry picked.
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    The return on investment from the high in 11/1/2007 until now, including dividend is over 29%,


    CEO total compensation in 2007 a little over 6 million. Now, it is 100% more then that.


    Anyone care to be the devil advocate and explain to me why we are talking about paying a penny for healthcare???
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    Selling all available share soon.
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    Obamacare is a smoke screen for company's to make money. While the middle class will get more and more poor.
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    the last of my shares were officially transferred for sale a few days ago...the majority went into a mutual fund, the remaining odd shares were sent as a check and deposited today.....I guess that this pretty much finishes the retirement process...I'll just wait for the pension checks to be deposited on the 1st of each month
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    Congrats on retiring. I know a lot of folks around here won't if this whole mess with insurance goes sour. I hope UPS likes 61yr old drivers being the core of the company, filing for simple workman's comp injuries because of reduced benefits.
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    Great stuff