STOP Spamming the DIADS

Discussion in 'The Archives' started by therodog, Aug 12, 2003.

  1. therodog

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    ups safety commity morons are sending 100+ diad messages to drivers DIADS, with safety tips , etc, and its pissing them off. They are professional drivers and dont need to be told every 10 mins of the day. Whats next? a little midget running up to drivers vehicles at stop lights and telling to use the 5 seeing habits? WTF
  2. over9five

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    Give 'em a break, It gets boring sitting around the office all day....
  3. sweatyguy

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    Holy cow, I totally agree...This is my main complaint. Leave me alone so I can complete my job for the day as safely and as professionally as possible...[​IMG]
  4. proups

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    UPS has really stepped up it's effort to lead the industry in safety. I think the ODS messages probably come at the time of day when the driver typically gets injured according to the injury data analysis completed by the center safety committee.

    Don't call them morons - they are your co-workers trying to do the right thing.
  5. therodog

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    UPS safety committe supervisors are sending 100+ diad messages to drivers DIADS, not members. One reason why UPS is steping up safety is because they are forced to by OSHA, etc.They go overboard with this crap inside the building too. 100 drivers say the same thing, its a pain in the ass. Ive been there 17 years, and have notice how things ran then and how they are now. UPS safety committe supervisors are sending 100+ diad messages to drivers DIADS

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  6. ups_vette

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    Holy cow sweatyguy:

    If receiving safety messages is your main complaint, evidently you NEED MORE WORK. (joking)
  7. upsdude

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    Those dont bother me too much. I detest the ones that require a response before you can further use the board. I have to stop what Im doing and look for a package or answer a question that needs some thought. If I send a message to the center I have no clue if someone has read it and is reacting to it. A simple Stand By reply would be helpful.
  8. over9five

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    I wish WE could send "response required" messages. (I hate being ignored!)
  9. toonertoo

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    This week or month its safety, next it will be send agains, or call tag control, or driver follow ups, } UPS is cyclical. They move from one element to another, this too shall pass.
  10. therodog

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    i asked some drivers today, and i guess the messages have slowed down a little. So it will
    probably pass.
  11. rushfan

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    Yah, try getting a response to a my center no one reads our in point..i lost a fan belt..i'm in a resi area..I sent 5 messages in 1/2 answer..the answer I got was call center immediately..I wasn't going to knock on a door and ask a stranger if i could us a phone.

    Boy, I can't wait for the next diad so they can track my every move in real time.

    Big "Brown" brother is watching.
  12. trouble1903

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    I love it when they tell us in the PCM's to call them back if we don't hear from them with an answer.

    Like I get paid to do their job and give them the answers!?!?! Hello!!!
  13. jello

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    it is bothersome.