Stop thinking in crisis, start thinking in opportunities!

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  1. Salesguy

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    If UPS would have +400.000 employers..
    If +400.000 employees would enter 1 lead..
    12 times a year...
    4.800.000 leads....
    1.000.000 new customers..
    Our jobs are saved, we don't have to worry!
    Reset your mindset, enter leads and help us to protect our core!
    You are our eyes on the road....
  2. brownmonster

    brownmonster Man of Great Wisdom

    I had one of you clowns ride with me 2 full days last year. Guess how much volume he spotted for us. Zilch. I don't have mountains of Fedex pkgs at every stop just begging me to take them.
  3. pickup

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    Salesguy, I really mean these next few question/statements with respect. Do you go to sleep with Tony Robbins tapes playing next to you? Did you take every class that is offered by the dale carnegie institute and is this why you speak "carnegiese" so fluently?
  4. mnnice

    mnnice New Member

    Thank you for your effort. We all need to do our part and we need your help to sell these leads when they're presented to you. If you sold every lead from every driver, we don't have to worry. Thanks again.
  5. Int'lguy

    Int'lguy International Guy

    Salesguy - It's a nice idea that everyone would submit a lead and your assumption is that to win business would be just to turn in a lead. You should obviously know that this is an incorrect assumption. I think the vast amount of drivers/service providers would love to turn in leads, and get the "points" (let alone the job security) but there are problems as you may well know.

    Some drivers may indicate that if they turn in leads they will only get more work. I hear that sometimes in my travels through the centers but I don't think that feeling is common. What I do think is an impediment to sales leads, among drivers, is that they turn in the lead and don't understand why; 1 it doesn't get followed up on, 2 we don't win the business (even though their friend in the shipping dept/front desk said it's a shoe-in).

    We need to educate our drivers/employees, who we want to have turn in leads, about our services that is easy for them to translate to the customer and that they believe in and educate them on the sales cycle.

    For example, most people in sales do understand that UPS services are, for the most part, as good or better than our competition. But to "tell" that to our drivers won't get much traction. Make it real and down to the local level, say provide them with a service report for the customers on their route and you begin to build trust. This isn't going to happen overnight.

    The second point is that the sales cycle is mostly about needs and price. If you recall your sales training - SPIN, our drivers do mostly situation gathering and feature dumping (if they get a chance). If that doesn't work, they resort to "I'm sure we can do it cheaper" verbage which is not how we want out sales force set up for a sales call. However, that's what usually gets the driver a business card or a nod for an appointment from sales.

    Well I think I said enough but I hope you get my point.
  6. tourists24

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    I get paid to deliver boxes, and that's what I do. You sales guys get out there and do your job and let me do mine. When I start seeing you in the center leaving with me at 9pm, then we'll talk. Maybe you need to put in more hours and get some more volume.
  7. MR_Vengeance

    MR_Vengeance United Parcel Survivor

    if ups has 10 sales guys running around and wasting their time in our hub every morning.
    if those 10 guys would do their job and visit 1 customer every day.
    5 days a week. 50 new accounts every weeks.
    200 accounts a month for every hub
    UPS would save alot money on useless talks. Our jobs will be saved!!
    Get off your asses, do some real work and help yourself to a better future.
    you sales dudes are the apples in the eyes of UPS.
  8. pudg00

    pudg00 pudg00

    Hey Salesguy, how about taking care of the customers before we lose them I.E. Eddie Bauer and so on. I was in sales for 20 years before becoming a driver. Sales 101 Take care of your core business.
  9. old brown shoe

    old brown shoe 30 year driver

    I would love to turn in more leads and grow the business. When you are hounded about production it makes it tuff to try to spend a minute trying to sell the service. Try backing off on the excessive overtime and allow a person a few minutes a day to visit with customers. If not then mabey the sales reps need to be out beating the streets. It's not in my allowance and it should be if you want me too.
  10. wornoutupser

    wornoutupser Well-Known Member

    If national reps would DO THEIR job and SELL THE LEADS and STOP LETTING FEDEX BEAT THEM IN THE DOOR I would not be using capital letters here!
  11. DS

    DS Fenderbender

    One of my biggest shippers on my route has been shipping out 7 to 20 SKIDS of REVENUE a day ever since they moved to the area.Well our mngmt team has been ORDERED to cut back,and stopped the five ton from doing the daily pickup.Instead,they have drivers from nearby all break off route and take a skid or two.The company has to get 2 employees to cut open the sealed skids and pay them to help load 5 trucks .The boss there could easily go with purolator,or fedex ground because they have lots of trucks,and they are cheaper.I have no desire to lure new customers in only to provide inferior service.I'm sorry but I have more honesty and integrity than ups ever had,and will not lie to get thier business.
    Don't take me wrong salesdude,I really think you are right that the drivers could be a big advantage to signing new customers,but its tough to remain positive when the OR says you ran almost 2$ overallowed,and that you are the least best driver in the center.Not that they said that to me,but a new center manager could decide that he doesn't like me and ruin my life.
    sad but true

    BTW I like your are young and pure...
    good luck
  12. MechanicForBrown

    MechanicForBrown Prblm found,part on order

    I agree that all employees can make a difference and submit leads, I have done so on my own and just because I know someone was having a hard time with a competitor. BUT and I say BUT in CAPITOLS, wheres the training on the services WE as a company provide? I'm a mechanic and do not interact with customers like drivers do, but it would help to get training on the services we provide if I'm gonna stick my neck out to someone I know or even someone I don't know to switch to our services. Maybe the sales people could come down every once and a while and give us info on what to say, what services we can provide to consumers. THAT would be helpful.
    P.S. I'm an employee who cares about the company he works for and is eager to learn about all aspects of UPS besides automotive. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!!! Try spredin some!! :dissapointed:
  13. Salesguy

    Salesguy Sales Member

    In my country drivers do get training, its sad to read your's don't.
    Maybe you can talk to your local HR rep and gain more respect at management! Good hunting!
  14. Salesguy

    Salesguy Sales Member

    No driver is perfect, my name is "no driver"
    Together we protect the core and grow the business.
  15. Salesguy

    Salesguy Sales Member

    You get what you except. Demand feedback on your leads!
    Our sales are people too, mistakes are made, but we need to hold them accountable for the growth and our job security. Don't do it here, but go to your sup and tell him the same I tell you now....please....

    If you want to hear the future, just call the UPS pick up line and you will hear that even office people can be replaced by computers.
  16. trplnkl

    trplnkl 555

    Salesguy, what country do you live in? What reality do you live in? If I went to a sup and complained that you haven't talked to one of my sales leads, he would tell me, " Oh yeah? Well, I'll look into that right a way." which means "" get the f... away form me, I've got work to do."" which is true, he has routes to get out on the road with 10-11-12 hours of work loaded in them.
    I do admire your tenacious commitment to growing our business and wanting to get more volume for UPS. I do understand that without sales it would be tough to have any growth. I do understand that most drivers today are too busy working their lives away and are exhausted by the end of their day. I also understand that some one coming here to spout out sales seminar rhetoric is pretty much falling on deaf ears.
  17. Salesguy

    Salesguy Sales Member

    Sir yes Sir, Knowledge is power indeed!

    It would be a great personal initiative and will create a lot of positive karma for you if you go to your supv and ask for a session like this! should give you more than enough information on our services, however if I would work next to your center I would love to talk about it with you the whole day, every day, I would come in the weekend or before or after your operation starts if it would contribute to the moment of you entering leads as well. Sometimes you may ask yourself why the initiative should come from you......its because you have an eye for service, you are not like the rest and see growth opportunities for everyone. Thank you for your clear vision.
  18. airbusfxr

    airbusfxr New Member

    I see the sales department want someone else to do their job. For many years UPS advertised by word of mouth. People used UPS for the service, our drivers are the best, our management is what hinders UPS. Our ads make people want to use FDX. Our race car driver makes people want to use FDX. UPS should lay off sales people and we would be alot better off.
  19. airbusfxr

    airbusfxr New Member

    PS what Int country do you work in, or better what planet are you at. You need to come to American and see what we deal with from our Mgt. team, then get back to us.
  20. trickpony1

    trickpony1 Well-Known Member

    7 to 20 skids of revenue being handled, or should I say double handled, by their employees as well as 5 PC drivers?

    This should be a feeder pick up. Spot an empty 48 ft, go back next day with another empty 48 ft and swap them out.

    Happens all the time.