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    My on road sup informed us today in the PCM that our center did not make cost. So for the rest of the week the stops on our truck will go from 161 to 171 stops per car.

    So I guess that will mean some routes will be cut and I will be making more OT this week

    That's ok my daughter is going to the prom and needs a dress

    Y'all take care
  2. brownmonster

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    Hopefully he will now get his bonus and can continue to do all the cost effective things his team does.
  3. Bubblehead

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    The sad truth is that most of the Measters will pickup it up an additional knotch, methods be damned, making it a prudent business decision.
  4. Bubblehead

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    The same idiots won't understand why they are trouble when things go south, poor bastards.
  5. satellitedriver

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    Been on that new improved plan, for over three years.
    Misload's, missed pkg's and damaged pkgs-(due to being pulled off one car to another at the last minute)-
    drivers having to meet on route to swap pkg's so that one driver can meet air pull.
    O.T. out the wazzooh.
    Increasing stops per car metric has really increased the stops per car.
    In one day, one stop can be on three cars, before it is delivered.
    Recently my dispatch has gotten back to a normal range (9 to 10 hrs a day) after I informed my center that after 10pm I would sheet all pkg's as missed, not Econ.
  6. hurricanegunner

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    More work means more overtime. Whatever you do, don't use your cell phone and call around to find someone to get your pick up pieces when out too late. That headache belongs to the people who overdispatched your route.
  7. Bubblehead

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    Translation: They don't want to hire anybody until the the next contract is negotiated.
  8. barnyard

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    My center was accident and injury free when the 'stops per car' thing was emphasized and the number increased. Since then, we have been having 1 accident or injury per month.
  9. hellfire

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    id love to know the true injury numbers,, lets ignore statistical factual information regarding fatigue and hours worked, we will just pay some safety committee clown OT to write safety crap on the ground in chalk.......
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    we had that one too, today when I saw chalk lines on a sidewalk done by kids I expected a safety message.