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    tomorrow is my 30th day and my sup is going with me not only because its my 30th day but also because i have to apologize to a stupid obese rude girl that works a counter at a local hotel who called in and said i was rude and that i "throw" packages down and that she doesnt want me on the property anymore, am i going to encounter stupid people like this over the next 30 years? i mean its been less then 30 days and there is already drama.
  2. 728ups

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    wow, i thought you said SHE was the rude one.
  3. Cementups

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    To answer your questing Ryan, yes. All the time. People suck.
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    Stupid people are all around and they breed and are allowed to vote !!!
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    When you are delivering for UPS you are doing more than just delivering packages, you are also representing the company.

    The short answer to your question is yes you will encounter a lot of stupid people doing this job. Some will be having bad days and you will just be an easy target for them to take out some of their frustration on. You have to be the bigger person in these situations.

    Having done this for 25 + years I have learned a smile and politeness can go a long way. It also improves my day.

    The job can be stressful and we are always in a race against the clock, but don't forget it is the customer who is ultimately paying your wages.

    Some of them can be pretty miserable people , just be glad you don't have to deal with them for more than a few minutes.
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    how was that rude 728ups? she was obese super obese and i dont throw parcels when a package weighs 60 pounds its going to make a sound when you set it down, they get mad because i rush in and scan and ask for sig, they get mad because i dont skip in happy as a clown, i have 30 next day air to get off the truck before 12 a lot of people dont realize we have to go go go
  7. ryan74701

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    i almost said "hey do you want to do this job? try unloading all these oil field boxes all day!" i love my job but these people really do suck
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    What about the lady that called in a complaint because I left a couple of little oil drops on her concrete driveway? Oh....and I left tire tracks too. She wanted that "mess" cleaned up. I delivered there the next day and noticed all the other tires tracks that I DID NOT leave. But it was UPS's that mattered.
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    728 is not typical ryan he/she/whatever is and does not represent all the opinions from 728...just the kinda dumb ones...BC
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    Grow up!
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    OK,for you to not even have 30 days in and already have a customer concern so serious that your On road has to ride with you and witness you apologize so you can keep coming back on the property makes me feel you are rude. Your post that she is "obese super obese " is very very rude.
    I know you are in a hurry,we ALL are in a hurry our first 30 but you really have to think about how you come across to people. They can hurt you way more than they can help you.
  12. ryan74701

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    guess ill have to stroke that girls ego tomorrow lol "pu pu pu please dont be mad at me"
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    728ups likes fat girls
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    no my sup is going with me because it is my 30th day its my evaluation and we've all had issues with that hotel so this really isnt that big of a deal and i do understand what you are saying concerning i know the customer is number one and that you need to just put a fake smile on and move on to your next stop, i just cant stand overly fat lazy people insinuating that my job is easy and that i should walk in and have a five minute conversation with them asking them how their day is
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  16. ryan74701

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    this girl has so many rolls she has multiple fat bottoms for you 728
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    there is something to be said for leg wrinkles,and they keep the sun off you at the beach
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    More like they are allowed to breed, then all of them vote.

  19. FracusBrown

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    You sure hes not going along to finish the route? Customer complaints in the first 30 days is no big deal?
  20. 728ups

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    wow, i can remember drivers being DQ'd in their first 30 days for serious customer complaints. I had a center manager tell me many years ago he'd rather 'seperate the wheat from the chaff' during the first 30 to eliminate any potential future Customer problems. I guess the times have changed.