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  1. I have been a driver for a month now. I have never had any problems backing into a tight dock, up a drivewway, etc. But when it comes to parking to the platform at night in my center. I cant friggin do it. Im driving a p1000 and I have to off center park it when i pull in. I can back up no problem straight to the dock, but going in sideways wide without nearly taking out the building or parking half ass has been difficult. Any advice. I guess practice makes perfect
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    I have two suggestions for you. One, use your backup camera. You can look at the monitor, when you get a couple of feet from the dock, just line up the corners of your rear bumper and square up with the dock. The second method is what I did before we got the camera. On the concrete floor in my building, there are certain lines in the floor from when the concrete was poured. I would just line up next to one of these lines and back straight up, using it as a guide. These two methods also work great if you have to back up a driveway. If I am using a mirror, line up the left side of the vehicle and keep your left rear wheel near that side of the driveway. If you are using the backup camera, keep the corners of your rear bumper centered. Of course, always look out for those tree limbs, utility lines, and basketball goals!:thumbup1:
  3. problem is im not backin in straight. Im going in on an angle. parking off center so the next guy can just back in straight. For instance, when im parked half of my truck is behind the wall.
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    Ur underpaid thats why! when you hit full scale youll be able to park perfectly
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    If you feel too uncomfortable about doing it ask a carwasher to do it for you and watch how they do it. Practice makes perfect. When I worked the local sort at my center I had to help park the cars, some of which were behind poles. When I first started I had trouble and got help and now its no problem. Just take your time and make sure not to scratch the cars.
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    That is not a stupid question, but my advice may be. First, use a buddy to help spot you untill you build up confidence. Second, you may have to make a couple of back and forth attempts to "walk" the car into place. Third, I usually aimed the rear end of the car I was driving towards the next package car tire, and then make the hard cut. I car washed and parked in a very small building for many years untill I made it to a driving position. It takes lots of practice, so don't be too hard on yourself. Does anyone remeber the old P1000's without power steering? I remember the workout trying to park them-especially at peak season where every inch counted.
  7. Just leave it outside... thats what we do... ;)
    Have your supervisor demonstrate, of course he/she won't be
    there when you get in at night, so until he can demonstrate for you
    just leave it outside...
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    "Does anyone remember the old p1000's without power steering"

    got to be kidding me!
    That's my daily cadillac!
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    Yeah, I was just about to respond to that "remember the old P1000's w/out power steering." HA! Our center only has 3 trucks w/power steering. That's an interesting question though. I wonder what percentage of the trucks on the road now have power steering and that low first step? I am waiting for someone to file that class action lawsuit about all the physical damage our bodies take from that high first step and no power steering.
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    I've had the same girl since she was new in 1987. One of the better running old P-1000's in the building. New engine and new paint in the last two months and I hope two retire in her. However!! Trying to get her washed is another problem. She's filthy and I've tried every way to get it across to the PM sup's that she needs a bath. And they tell me its not scheduled to be washed yet. What a joke!
    Remember when we all would get tired of hearing customers ask us "Do they really wash those things every night"
    Ah! the good old days.
  11. Thats what Im driving a p1000 with no power stearing. 1986 model
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    My old baby was a P 1000 no power steering and a high step.
    That step cost me knee repair surgery and UPS had to pay for it.

    It would go through any standing water that you could steer it through though....
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    We wash every truck every night at my center.
  14. WoW! That is sad. They DO wash the trucks out here everynight. They have an outside company that they have contracted to come wash them. Squeeky Clean 5 days a week!
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    How about getting yelled at for refusing to wait at a business for 10 minutes while a customer goes and buys a money order (that they should have already bought) for a package they HAD TO HAVE that day. It was around 9:30 in the morning and one of those days when I had plenty of air stops.

    My favorite lately is when a customer tracked me down because he was two hours late opening his business and was mad because I didn't stay there and wait for him to open.

    Or when a customer left a note on their door asking me to deliver a package to a house they were visiting on the other side of town and when I didn't I reattempted the same house the following day and they tried to bitch at me for it.
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    That's the nature of the beast.Give them your center's phone number and let them bitch at the people who bitch at you for being paid over.Let them explain why you can't do these things.
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    we have about 4 p1000s with power steering..The high senior people got those..
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    "The high senior people got those.."

    As it should be!
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    a suit has been filed for it in our center, driver was off on workers comp for a year no word lately on suit will give update when it is out
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    Speaking as a mechanic, the more drivers they hire who can't drive means job security for me and every mechanic there!! So I say smack'm up I only need 13 more year's!!!