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Do you know where to get socks?


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So, why would Amazon have to do anything but wait it out?

Build new facilities as needed......slow and steady as UPS/Fed-Ex slowly and steadily disappear? It's worked so far...

Regulators can't stop that^^^^^^^^^^^.

Could break them up eventually though.....

See, why would Amazon want lot's of old facilities in crappy neighborhoods that need updating? Just build new with modern infrastructure and their sorting apparatus? Ingress and egress problems already solved?

I do agree that Fed-Ex would be easier to union...very little pension stuff. Lot's of contractors already.


Do you need an air compressor or tire gauge
So I was in a discussion about the Amazon stock split and someone casually dropped a bomb saying that Amazon is planning on buying UPS soon.
When questioned she cited the whole "I've got family in management" bit so I really don't believe it.

But, has anyone else heard something about this?

Go ahead and flame my ass in the comments if not true 🤣🤣🤣
Yes they are buying ups in one weeks time