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    What is the most bazaar thing that one of your coworkers have done? After thirty years with this company, I've got dozens of stories to post. Please use false names, some of these people still work for UPS! I have worked part-time in the Hub and as a Package Driver, I can understand if some of you people in management don't want to contribute.

    My first story is about "Ken". This was in the mid 80's, when I first started driving. He was going through a divorce, had a lot of problems evidently. Somehow he got caught with a woman different than his wife in the back of his P400. The Center Manager gave him a second chance, since he was a "scratch driver". After this, Loss Prevention and the Center management team were keeping a close watch on him. His downfall was when he decided to supplement his income. He was caught on videotape cutting the grass at a local motel and also working the front desk. He was a "runner", either delivering his stops or dumping stuff off and delivering after work in his own vehicle. He is "no longer with the company", needless to say.:w00t:
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    The funniest thing I have ever heard/witnessed at UPS happened 6 or 7 years ago. It was peak season and the snow storms were hitting us every day and the snow was knee deep every were. We were having quite a time getting our deliveries made so ALL the full time employees and management were doing every thing possible to get the building "cleaned out" before Christmas. Our Center Manager had the Customer Service Rep take about 2 hours worth of rural routes to deliver driving a P500. HOURS had passed as evening was approaching and no one had heard from the Rep, then the phone rang. It was the Rep stating that he was stuck in a lane and needed to be pulled out. It just so happened that a Supervisor was delivering close by in his four wheel drive pickup. So the Center manager called the Sup and had him go check on the Rep. It wasn't 20 minutes and the Sup was on his cell phone laughing hysterically. When he found the Rep, his head lights lit up the package car, all he could see was the snow just a flying and the Rep standing BESIDE the package car.


    Tied to the rear bumper of the PKG car was a leather strap and 5 Siberian Huskies (DOGS) pulling to beat the band digging themselves into a hole! (The pkg car didn't move, it was left overnight and a tow truck retrieved it the next day.) Every peak season we still ask the Rep if "He and his dog sled team are going to help us out this year".
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    We had this low life girl preloader that they suspected was stealing.
    They put a package in the boxline that they had written in pen,high value
    french jewellery.It had some blue dye that exploded upon opening the
    package.They led her out in handcuffs.
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    My first job with UPS was with the COD department. One of my coworkers was assigned the task to compare the list of drivers with COD turn ins to the list of drivers paid that day to insure that everyone was accounted for. We noticed that the young woman appeared stuck for several minutes and confused by the name. We looked at the turn in and found she was looking searhing for the pay record for a driver named Will Call.:)
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    We had fallen behind processing CODs and a bunch of us came into the office on Saturday to catch up. I was one of the first ones to arrive at work and my boss told me to sit in one of the supervisors stations. The office was dark, and when I spotted a switch behind his desk, I flipped it several times to get the lights on. It didn't work and I finally found the proper switch and turned on the lights. The office filled with workers, and about 10 minutes later 2 police officers barged into the office, guns drawn. No one had told me about the silent alarm!:wink:
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    Spend a lifetime at UPS.
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    back when we would take cash for cod's. we had a driver that was a big time gambler. he was in deep to this one bookie. so he went in the back of his delivery car and beat himself up and said he was robbed. he is no longer with ups.
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    BETHESDA, Md. -- A driver with United Parcel Service is in trouble after he allegedly broke into a home in Bethesda and touched a woman while she was asleep in her bed.
    The alleged incident took place about three weeks ago at a home on Crescent Street.
    Police said Pernell Talley broke into the woman's home, and while she was sleeping, he inappropriately touched her.
    Talley claims he entered the woman's home to get her to sign for a package for her neighbor who was not at home. He turned himself in to police on Monday.
    Talley is charged with two counts of third-degree burglary and one count each of second-degree assault and fourth-degree sex offense. <!--stopindex-->
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    " he entered the woman's home to get her to sign for a package.."

    Sounds like an honest mistake to me. Maybe he dropped his stylus, and was simply reaching between her sheets to retrieve it...
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    We had one driver who got a complaint called in on him over something like this. A woman got out of her shower and found her package sitting out in the hall. Our driver claimed that he must have delivered it to a neighbor by mistake, and the neighbor must have put it in her house. Sure.......:confused:1
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    Here's another one;

    The same driver in my last post I could just about write a book about. He hates dogs with a passion, and had a reputation for running over one any chance he got. He would even give out tips on how to put poison in hamburger meat or put anti-freeze in a water bowl. He is a real psycho, I don't know if he actually poisoned any. He had a few customers call in about their dogs getting run over and was in hot water with the Center Manager at this time. One day he left a Delivery Notice on a roadkill that said, "I did not kill this dog". I think he must have wiped out half the dog population in that town. This happened about twenty years ago, he seems to have mellowed out since then.

    He also used to have an ATF License to sell firearms. He used to sell Assault Weapons out the trunk of his car. He had to stop back when Clinton was in office and some law was passed that a gun dealer had to have an actual building with a way to show paperwork on demand. He still goes to these "select fire" gun meets to shoot machine guns. He is down to selling only ammo at gun shows now.:gunsmilie