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    Hey all!

    I actually found this website looking for DHL jobs. Story with me is that I landed a subcontracted DHL position in Wichita falls, TX and LOVED the job. The trucks and gas were paid for and we had to load our own trucks. But the route was fairly easy and it was the first job that I actually liked. 2 years later I find myself with a lucritive chance to move out to Dallas. I took the position (which was for a family members starting company) and was deceived, let this be a lesson to all to be weary of working for family. Anyhow, I decided to join on with DHL here in dallas back in 07' and the workload was like 3x more than I had been used too and the pay was salary split-shift. Needless to say I looked for other jobs (which have all sucked). I joined onto UPS by doing seasonal driver helper position for 2 years then taking the PT twilight unload. I am now onto the sort isle. I know the workload of the drivers there and have decided I still want to be a driver. I have held off looking for DHL or Fed-ex driver positions because I am building up the senority. Besides I dont even think DHL is delivering in dallas anymore =(

    Anyone have advice to become a driver or even part time (cover) driver...please for the love of all things, let me know.

    Besides all that, Hello!
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    Welcome to BC. Good luck.:peaceful: