Subtle Forms of Resistance

Discussion in 'FedEx Discussions' started by MrFedEx, Jul 12, 2010.

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    As more and more employees have figured-out what Fred is trying to do to them with the RLA, they are starting to "fight-back". Given the current environment, that's tough to do openly, but there are subtle types of resistance gaining strength.

    At my station, we aren't watching company videos or completing corporate on-line training until the very last day. At workgroup meetings, nobody is actively participating. We also aren't writing-up vehicle issues unless it's a major safety issue. On-road breakdowns are on the uptick as a result.

    When freight is late, we take our breaks, regardless of the impact on operations. Over and over, we're told we must take a break, so we are just "complying" with the rules, which have always been thrown out the window when it suits FedEx needs.

    If more stations would just do everything exactly by the book, a tremendous message would be sent to upper management that we're tired of the two-faced games they play. "Drive safe", but don't have any lates, "take your breaks", but don't have any Code 01's and on and on.

    If you want to be an idiot and drive 60 mph in a residential zone just so you can "do it all", that's up to you. But as more of us see the incredible effort and hypocrisy of Fred and the actions of his upper management zombies, there are going to be a lot fewer takers who will continue to play along.
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    I think I'll start calling you Norma Rae.
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    Maybe. Remember your comment about management watching this site? When I logged-on, there were 4 people viewing, and just after I posted it jumped to 27. Not that they really care what I am saying, but just to monitor the level of anger among employees. Since we've started our little passive resistance program. we've had a lot of interest from our Managing Director. Unless they're really stupid, they've got to know that the tide is turning against them.
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    MFE, I am certain we have folks from our side watching also.

    I don't say anything here that I wouldn't say if we were in the same room. What you read is what you get.
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    I wouldn't doubt it. What gets me about FedEx is that they think that it's going to be just like 1997 for them if they kill the RLA. Even if they "win", they still lose because they've created so much bad blood with the employees. This time around, there will most definitely be consequences.

    I could never talk this freely at work without getting fired. Without a legitimate grievance procedure, I could be canned for anything they decided to think-up. Insubordination, violation of "Acceptable Conduct Policy" (2-5)....and it would stick because employees have no means of defense other than hiring an attorney, and how many people can afford that?

    FedEx employees know (in general) what they can safely say, and it isn't much. I've heard of employees getting fired for speaking their minds at skip-level meetings that have been specifically called by management in order to "address" employee concerns. In short, you'd better not speak freely, even at meetings where they've asked for your "opinion". They don't want to hear anything but parroting the company line. So much for listening to the employees.
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    Back then when Fred pulled his crap with the "Special Deal" not many employees were aware of it until it was too late. The internet was in its' infancy and therefore word didn't spread around nearly as much. This time it's a new ballgame and many a former purple blooded employee are completely fed up with Smith's crap these days and employees know a lot more of what's going on.
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    Well July 1st has come and gone. Isn't there a new interpretation of "50+1" in effect that makes unionizing easier?
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    Yes, there is. Hello, Teamsters? Anyone home? I guess Jim Jr. is too busy right now. He'll get back to us when the time is riight. Just like 1997.