Supervisor forgot to log in my hours

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    Basically UPS didn't pay me for my previous weeks work, and no paycheck was there as promised when I got off work last night. What are my rights? Since I have direct deposit, getting a check will cause me to have to drive 35 miles to my nearest bank (I have Navy fed and will not switch). Do I have to work on Monday? I'm a cover driver and just started training a few weeks ago.. I don't want to screw my chances of being a certified driver, but right now my family depends on this money ASAP.
    My supervisor forgot to log my hours in, and I even went this morning to check on my paycheck. Come to find out she forgot to log my hours in for this week also! This :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2: would have happened again next week! I have spoken to all Union Reps and supervisors. And yes she won't answer her phone over weekends, I've tried calling and texting.
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    Speak to your shop steward...and take them along with you the next time you talk to her about needing your pay (I'm assuming on Monday). They're (UPS) supposed to issue you a 'green check'. It would be 'next-day' aired to your place of residence. UPS didnt issue me a check once either...but I got it aired to me late(that Monday). After you take your shop steward with you to witness the discussion and protect your rights, talk to them about filing a grievance because that stupid $*&#$^* didnt log your hours AGAIN THIS WEEK!! ...WITH PENALTIES! I've been there 13 yrs, so I know what you're going through...good luck!
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    Whether they paid you or not , if you don't show up to work on Monday you'll have that paycheck problem fixed in a different way.
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    ask your steward to grieve it, sounds like they are hiding hours, 1st thing monday morning ask for a green check. you should get it tuesday.
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    And ask for penalties for every contracted period until they get you that check.
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    you cannot file the grievance really til wednesday (48 hours after your contractual payday which in most regions is friday) , if they do not correct all problems by wednesday then YOU file an ARTICLE 17 grievance ( your steward does not write this out for you , he is only there to help you with any wording,article #'s and such , also the steward has to be the person who is present when the supervisor/manager signs the greivance or it will be null and void . Each week the problem is not fixed ,on that monday of the second,third and so forth you will file the same grievance over and over which will entitle you to penalty pay and help to remind/ensure that the company does not forget about your issue .