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    tie guy how do you become a supervisor,much more to offer UPS,then being hourly,want UPS to become the all time best,need new supers to take over,Fedex is getting too strong,they are taking everything from UPS,where will UPS be in 10yrs?
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    Its quite simple really. Just write a letter (10 words or less) as to your intentions to become one with the Brown. Give it to your supervisor.

    If they think you have the qualities (which you seem to)they are looking for, you will be scheduled to be beamed up on the next mothership (they come down around peak each year). Whereupon they will drain all the red blood cells from your body, replace them with brown ones, implant the microchip (with the latest software version), and make you swear on your honor to always tell the truth, treat your people with respect (yes even the union ones), keep your missorts down, and just generally uphold the oath of the Brown (whatever that might be on a given day).

    With a cadre of fine people like yourself, I predict that UPS will not only be the "best" in 10 years, but may actually rule the entire planet....10 years after that the solar system....10 years after that.........

    Good Luck! ;)

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    Definately management material. I can tell just by reading your posts.
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    dude I can't figure you out. One minute you sound like a management idealist, the next like a union stalwart during which you slam me , and now your asking for my advice.
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    Hey tieguy,

    I think his next move will be to ask you out on a date. Why not let him give you a kiss on the cheek!

    I'm glad I'm not you right now!