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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by MenInBrown, Sep 25, 2019.

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    Calm down honey

    Your words not mine
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    Keep in mind that sword cuts both ways. In some areas you are correct, it's not a min. wage job, it's less.
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    No :censored2:. A fact that is blatantly obvious to anyone with the capacity to see the post, see that I posted it, and can then put two and two together. Can’t get anything past you!

    Lol you must be special. Again - I’m a new hire. No option for me to be union until the 30 day window is up. Not like I could walk in on day one, pay my dues, and be good to go. Nope. Had to wait 30 days. As I’ve said, this week was the first time they took dues from my pay. Guess that means I’m union now (will confirm with Hr in about 20 minutes when I arrive at the building).
    It’s not like I’ve been here for years and opted out of joining the union.
    You understand yet, or is it still vague?

    Forgive me for noticing things at work and being smart / resourceful enough to look into them (questioning why sups do union work if they aren’t union, deciding if them helping is a good thing or a bad thing, deciding if filing a complaint is justified and worth while once becoming eligible to do so).
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    How? You can't make less then min wage.
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    I mean contract minimum, not actual pay.
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    did the steward tell u not to file or not?telling u what to expect from the company is is not the same thing.did he tell u article 37 would be ur next grievance if they did move u?
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    I'm not even sure he has read the contract lol.
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    Hate seeing sups working
    I always say something to them about it
    If I am really in a bad mood I will file just for the hell of it
    They always have an excuse but they need to be called out on it
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    c'mon guys we all know ups management is doing our work every single day of the year. any time they are carrying a pkg to the clerk or to a pkg car or pushing a cart, or del misloads after sending driver s home, it happens every single day. dont really know how it could truly be stopped, but we have to keep trying file the grievance,you will get paid. but ,yes you are right ,you will get harassed, scolded,and harassed some more, but geez, you are a grown man or woman quit being afraid of the juvenile idiots and lets try and re capture our work
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    It's not UPS
    Its UPR now.
    United Parcel Reports
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    Totally agree
    I show up 2 minutes before my start time everyday and still see enough to file
    So far this year I have made an extra $500 just watching sups unloading at the air station
    You have to call them out on it
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    yeah I had a steward say to me "its ok if they're breaking jams on the feed. WTF? They are not supposed to be working. I grieve every time. It's discouraging that I have about 150 hours grieved since last November and I've received 3 hours of grievance pay.
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    My understanding locally:The union and UPS made a deal in our building on jam breaking. No more grievances, UPS could use as many jam breakers"" as they want so long as four? hourlies were jam breaking. This is a large hub, it often needs 20. Heh
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    There are still grievances if the company doesn't follow the agreement. There have been numerous grievances paid for supervisors breaking jams. Once again Troll doesn't tell the whole TRUTH.
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    I find that hard to believe. Did you see it in writing ?
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    Maybe it was written inside the empty doughnut box. Lol.
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    On the napkins at the buffet. Had to start over a few times, it was wing night.
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    Cool- you actually have a sense of humor. But please don't pretend that these "arrangements" aren't made that allow the company to do as they please. Perhaps it doesn't happen in your neck of the woods but it is a normal thing in these parts. And then people wonder why the workers tend to give up on believing in the union. There really are two sides to most coins.
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    I always have.

    I thought....

    I heard....

    Or, somebody told me.

    Even @UnconTROLLed says:

    "It's my understanding...."