Suppose you have to kill a family of 5 before you lose your job!...Thanks Union!

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    JARHEAD And...That's rite!

    Unfrigginbelievealbe!!!....I've supported the Union for over 8 years just to keep myself from gaining seniority. Or; basically cutting my own throat! Well, we've had a fellow employee at our center that manged to get two DUI's within a two month period last year and was "terminated"by the Company after the 2nd one. His 1st one caused an accident that resulted in him T-boning another vehicle. A month later the 2nd one resulted from a traffic stop. So this driver chooses to run a route for 2 days w/o a license before he decided to fess up to the 2nd DUI. Make a long story short, the Uniongoes to bat for him; spends 6 or 7 monthsof negotiations on his behalf (for whatever reason)and low and behold he gets his job back starting 04/05/2010. Meanwhile as a result of my payroll deductions to the Union I get go back to 20 hrs. a week and give up my bid route to accomodate this fine driver. Hell!!! I may as well be the one getting reprimanded!!! I will be withdrawing from the Union immediately and taking my chances with THE COMPANY. I can no longer afford to support the Union on a limited income....My kids gotta eat.
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    Jarhead if the driver is back to work I am sure there are circumdtances that you are not aware of. Remeber we live in a country where we are innocent until proven guilty for starters. You think he s the first one to ever get charged with a DUI? What happens if it was you that was termintaed wrongfully, which if he is back to work means even UPS agrees.

    JARHEAD And...That's rite!

    Yea, he claimed he needed help and used the substance abuse card, went through therapy. Dont get me wrong I'm not blaming the employee, if I were in his shoes I'd be doing the same thing. First time I can see but twice and to come back with no restrictions! So he got his job back FINE but to come back and maintian his seniority! Like nothing ever happened! We've got employees bustin thier nuts all over the world looking to advance and make career out of UPS yet we have this Union who continues support these sub-par employees. I'm just fed up with the decisions, policies, beliefs and procedures the Union supports. I am about finished with this outfit.
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    I don't believe trying hard and bustin' your nuts is good enough. You must suffer for 40 days before you can be restored to your former position.
    You are taking the right trek. Do not return to the belly of the beast.

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    So you think the Union should only represent those that are deserving? Who is to decide which of us is deserving, last I checked they hung him on a cross!!
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    Jarhead if I were in your position, I would be just as livid. This totally stinks. As for the Union, they did their job in supporting the worker. They had his back, as they have yours if you are ever in need. This time you got the short end of the stick due to seniority. If you are ever wrongfully terminated you will want their support. Before you withdraw, take some time to cool off. Never make decisions when angry. JMO. Best of luck to you. Sorry again for the situation.
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    your so un happy you should quit.
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    rocket man! Where you been? You have been missed.
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    Great, he's back. I'll have to find a translater again!!!LOL

    JARHEAD And...That's rite!

    Excuse me!?? Why would I even think about quitting. I care about my job and I wasn't programmed to be loser or a quitter! I really need to find 3rd shift job. Why don't you quit? This isn't the first time I've been hooked up by the union.

    JARHEAD And...That's rite!

    Thanks for your input. You are right the union did what they are supposed to do but I'm just fustrated with the way things seem to always work and I'm supporting the cause. I'm just :censored2: bout the whole deal.
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    I may have missed something.
    Is the OP a driver that got bumped when the other driver got his job back?
    Could Jarhead bump two hub jobs? I'm confused.
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    Yes and Probably. :wink2:

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    Jarhead, where are you from? We have a situation w/ a driver that is in arbitration and the case is heard in a couple weeks. It deadlocked at National panel and this person has been working preload for a year along w/ another person in the state(we actually may have one more person in that boat have heard back from the BA on what happend w/ him yet). UPS doesnt want to give this person their job back and they have 2 DWIs(had one differed and got another one inside the differal time). Here in WA we passed a law that screws drivers w/ DWIs cuz UPS only has to hold the job for a year for the drivers and w/ the new law you must have 2 years w/ a breathe tester instead of one. I was going to start a post about this cuz I was wondering what people thought about these situations and if drivers should get their jobs back after a 2nd DWI. I personally say "NO". What do you guys think? Rocketman you think they should just quit right? LOL.

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    This is a great example that the Union only cares about money and not what's right. It also goes to show you that the union is all about numbers just like the company.
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    You are understandably upset but you need to consider that the company and the union reached the decision together based on seniority and whatever other factors were involved. UPS and the whole world including most parents often use the basis of seniority to help decide how to proceed once a decision has been reached regarding a disparity involving a person belonging to a group. Should the other driver have been reinstated? Obviously I can't say based on just the info here, but I will say that once the decision was made to do so, they don't have many options but to use seniority as a rule for reinstatement. Most reinstated employees retain seniority to some degree. I myself have had issues similar to yours with regards to more senior employees, and even though I got the of lesser of the bargain, I agreed with the principle. It's a one size fits all solution to a many varied problems environment. It doesn't make everyone happy but it beats favoritism, which happens all to often as well.
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    I know this is a waste of time and space, but WTH I'll do it anyway.

    I am full aware that the Union is a business and the bottom line is very important to them as it is for any business. I don't delude myself in thinking that the Union would give one flip about me if I were not paying my dues. However, in cases such as this one the Union is merely doing their job in making sure all members are represented in a fair fashion. Yes, the Union uses loop holes and UPS's improper employee treatment to get some people their jobs back, even if they don't deserve to. There are rules/laws that determine what criteria is used to terminate an employee.
    I personally have mixed emotions on a two time loser at the breathalyzer getting their job back and or staying out of jail for an extended time.
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    I like you RocketMan. I just don't fully understand your posts at times!!! Thet tend to all roll together and ramble amuck at times. Don't quit!!!!
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    Agreed - I sincerely look forward to rocket man's posts. Welcome back and keep posting.