Sure Post is killing driving jobs!

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  1. djkre8r

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    How many driving jobs has Sure Post taken? Finish Line used to ship UPS (about 75-100 boxes per day) and now they are all going Sure Post. I wish you could see in this picture how deep these bags go.
  2. Gumby

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    QVC HSN & LTD doing the samething

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    Surepost is still del. by Union Drivers.
  4. Monkey Butt

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    The last estimate was that it had taken 1250 FedEx drivers jobs and saved 560 UPS driver jobs.

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    And to Union,
    post office employees
  6. lateagain

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    This Christmas I am delivering sure post to the post offices. I deliver 2 trailer full of that stuff. It is east money for me.
  7. barnyard

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    That is all volume that either came from Fed Ex or would have gone to Fed Ex. Next up will be the negotiation of the contract to carry mail on planes. Fed Ex has commented that they believe that UPS will be a very tough negotiator on that contract. UPS has shown that with their win of the contract from the Fed for all express shipments.

    Fed Ex has been a tough competitor, but UPS is proving to be up to the task.
  8. djkre8r

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    I hope you all are correct! It was getting my turn to drive until this started happening. Then they cut numerous routes out. Wait... maybe that was IE that cut the routes out. LOL
  9. barnyard

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    We also saw routes cut out. Coincided with the rollout of EDD/PAS. That made sense. UPS told shareholders that they expected to see a 10% increase in efficiency. We lost about 10% of our routes. Some routes absorbed the extra easily, some did not. I definitely saw increased productivity with PAS/EDD.
  10. Brownslave688

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    I still don't deliver anywhere near the amount to the post office that the fed ex man does.
  11. barnyard

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    That is what I see too. I grab up the empty bags so that we can use them the next day. Usually Fed Ex brings them at least twice as many bags as I do, frequently more.
  12. Buck Fifty

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    Telematics is another reason for cut routes and lack of new driver hires. Most all the :censored2: off has been cut out.
  13. STFXG

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    Just at one post office I drop about 5 times more smart post than they get of sure post. Ill get 10 bags full compared to a dozen or so packages from brown. FedEx made 1.7 billion on smart post and its now 1/3 of ground volume.

    Both services will grow as shippers switch to the cheapest possible option...
  14. UpstateNYUPSer

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    I was at our local Post Office branch Monday to pick up a certified letter. The clerk and I started talking about SurePost---she told me that they absolutely hate it. They are not equipped to deal with it and would much rather we keep our own work.
  15. oldupsman

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    My brother has 28 years in with the post office and he tells me the same thing. They're not equipped to handle it and they hate it.
    The stuff never gets out until the next day anyway.
  16. ppHATE

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    our customers hate it even more.... one minute you're looking forward to seeing your regular UPS driver and the next time you track it you see "Delivered To Local Post Office" from where it may take another 1-3 days before you actually get it.
  17. Monkey Butt

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    Our customer is the shipper but I agree with you.
    I hate to see an e-mail for something I ordered with a Surepost service level.
    That is why I am a Prime Amazon member and order probably 90% through Amazon.
  18. barnyard

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    I have asked the 2 post offices that I deliver to about that. They both deliver everything I deliver the next day. Both have told me what time I have to be there by for same day delivery. I can't get there that early, but Fed Ex can. Both said that they are not in the business to warehouse boxes, it is in their best interest to get it out of their building.
  19. IAmABrown

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    It's interesting you guys are saying all this because I can't tell you guys how many of these black labels end up BACK on my truck. If my peak route is 265 stops, at least 80 are stuff given back from the PO.
  20. Monkey Butt

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    Are they "given" back from the PO or never given to the PO to begin with?