Swing Cover driver ~ no more!

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    So, the past few years at HD i was a swing, cover, utility driver which was interesting because i got to see ~2/3 of my state

    Finally, my subcontractor bought out a route that is only 5 miles from my home! It's mainly farmland, 19% suburbia that was formerly farmland, and only 1% businesses! Whoopie!

    He told me to bring the truck home to avoid rush hour traffic (which normally would be 2 hours of commuting)

    Gotta stock up on hobo papertowels n clean my windshield more often, get some dolla store dog treats, and whatever for my new route, but i'm happy that i have a regular route now (until i find something better)


    Gonna be like soberups, only with 60% less pay and no benefits, yay! #Sarcasm
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    Commuting in the company van is nothing to sneeze at as far as a benefit. That will save you a lot of cash in fuel and wear on your personal car. Unless he lowers your pay because of it. Congrats.
  3. OrioN

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    Thanks, it will be a refreshing change of pace as i will build my area knowledge of my nearby neighbors and their spending habits...

    As far as bennies go, i mean no real ones i.e. retirement, paid sick days, etc... when compared to ups or even express. Yup, it does help when im done, its only a 10 min drive to home... win~ win for both of us.

    This new boss of mine is actually paying me more than my former boss, when i was in the ghetto areas of my state