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    I've been a FT swing driver for 5 months now after being a pickup driver for 2 years and a CSA for 1...

    They have yet to fill my old pup route and consistently schedule me 6:50am through 20:00. With a few split shifts throughout the week... I am averaging 55 hours a week and regardless how much I ask the overwhelming schedule never eases. Granted some will say it's good money but putting up with so much crap from federal express isn't worth it...

    As a FT swing driver do you have any say? Obviously I don't want to be fired at this point because like everyone else I have bills however relentless days is taking it's toll. My managers just don't care.... We are understaffed and what do a thing about it. Any feedback would be great, tx
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    No, you do NOT have any say. It took me 6 years to get a regular route. I took a $1 an hour pay cut when I did. Best decision I've made.....(so far). At least I have my evenings & weekends back.
  3. Yea, you can't say NO as a swing driver-which will start the paper trail: olcc's or warning letters for insubordination. I was a swing for ~10years but was limited to 2 loops(bout 20 routes) at the station I was at and was doable. I recently transferred out to bigger station as a 4x10 wheel and couldn't be better with 4 day weekends monthly. Best is to file a grievance against your manager with HR so you can bid on another route if needed at another station
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    Ok, kinda what I figured.

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    As a swing, they pretty much own you Monday thru Friday (or Tuesday thru Saturday) for a couple of swings at my station. That's the reason I took a route last month. Now I can schedule my life a little better.
  6. Operational needs

    Operational needs Non desistas. Non exieras.

    What does your offer letter say?
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    Wish I saved my offer letter! Doubt they would give me a new one.
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    Remember - FRED'S YOUR DADDY!
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    Swing sucks, and the little bit of extra money you make isn't worth it. Request a route or bid on the next opening, and stop being their biotch. Swing=ABUSE. Don't tolerate it for a moment longer than necessary. If you are good, and it sounds like you are, they have zero incentive to get you into your own route. I would start being an under-performer right away.
  10. Operational needs

    Operational needs Non desistas. Non exieras.

    If you don't keep any other documentation, always keep an offer letter. May come in handy one day. I'm a swing and I just used mine to get out of having to work three splits a week. They tried the "operational needs" reasoning, but my offer letter said different. Someone screwed up when writing it. They didn't leave themselves an out. Small victory for me. Lol. That and being an under performer as MFE said. Being incompetent is awesome! Wish I had practiced it long ago.

    As far as getting a copy of your offer letter, that SHOULDN'T be a problem. You have a right to anything in your personnel file.
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    Because of ongoing management incompetence, it takes far too long to replace drivers that quit or are fired. This means the ops managers lean unreasonably on draft list and swing drivers. There is a reason why swing driver pay has surpassed dispatcher pay and is the only pay premium left from 10 years ago. Even with that extra pay, the only people they can get to take the position are noobies and people desperate to transfer to a new location.
    The overall result is a drop in customer service. People working 9 or more shifts a week for months on end or are drafted over and over disrupting their personal lives don't perform well and generally don't care.
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    A. Why can't you ask if someone else wants the hours?

    B. As per management at FedEx Just be glad you have a job. What family or life do you want?