Switching Shifts?

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    I have a few questions here about it, as I have been curious about wanting to switch for some time now (mind you I'm only a month and a week in or so with loading).

    1)What's the average wait for being able to? I've heard anywhere from 6-12 months on usual.

    2) Do these shift changes usually appear on the bid board, if they are open?

    3)Are shifts REALLY strict to the very few and weird shift times listed on the UPS site and on the papers they give you? For example I'd really love to work early in the morning and get off in the afternoon, but the only "shift" that I have seen that possible with is 3 AM- 9PM in general, and that is cutting it a little bit early for the start time for me, but through a friend I've heard that his friend works somewhere around 7 AM-11 or 12 which would be perfect for me. I know it does depend on your location a bit, but I'm just wondering if there is something I'm missing in general on how shifts work.
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