Sympathy for our fellow Package Personnel

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  1. I wish at this time to express my deepest sympathy to my fellow brothers in Package, in the Great Basin, for the recent announcement made by UPS Freight. They are sending you Joel ****, and while I am
    glad he is gone from feight since he has done nothing to improve the West, since he came onboard, I just wished they would have gotten rid
    of him totally.
    Another example of the old guard protecting their own. This man was
    ill equiped to deal with freight issues, much less to have the backbone to
    hold the "engineers" and their worthless VP responsible for the failures
    over the last 2 years in the consolidations in the West.
    To all my fellow brothers in the West and in the company as a whole, at least we can enjoy a fleeting moment that someone from "Package" failed, however it will be short lived because we can fully expect that they will replace him with another "Package" old guard and we will probably not see any improvement in the West, we can only hope.

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    I am in packages of Great Basin, what exactly will be his position?
  3. district manager
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    T*** W*****r is hading out west, he is a good guy, that knows his stuff.