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    1. Say the first thing that pops into your head.
    This game will work best if you don't hesitate or agonize over your choice of words. There are no right or wrong answers. Its all just for fun.

    2. Don't try to predict the answers.
    It's natural to want to try to outsmart the quizzes or guess what their hidden meanings may be. But that takes the fun out of the game and besides, what will you learn from that?

    3. Be honest with yourself.
    It may be only a game, but if it can teach you something about yourself- let it!

    4. Keep an open mind.
    It is important to keep things in perspective. There are no correct answers and there are more than one way of reading any situation.

    Read the scenario that is provided and answer the question(s).

    There’s something magical about a night at the symphony- a sense of expectation and pure pleasure. Imagine being able to take a place on that stage among the other musicians, a once-in-a-lifetime chance to perform at your very best.
    If you could join the orchestra, what instrument do you see yourself playing?
    1. Violin
    2. String bass
    3. Trumpet
    4. Flute

    My answer 3-trumpet.
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    I wanted the kettle drum, but no such choice.:happy-very:
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    sheet it up as "nsc" and give it to a clerk!
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    Sorry Forty6and2, can't see myself with any of them etiher. Played percussion in school and those kettle drums are fun!

    So..what about us? Are moreluck and I oddballs? :happy-very:
  5. Forty6and2

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    hehe. sorry- i can only post the choices that are given. i don't have the answers to anything else! i guess you'll have to settle for one of the given choices, or just pick one "just for fun".
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