Take advantage of FDX auto deals?

Discussion in 'FedEx Discussions' started by Migrant Worker, Mar 18, 2015.

  1. Serf

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    This may or may not have been addressed before. But, how many employees take advantage of the automobile deals Fed Ex gets? (Most notably from Ford and Hyundai.) Two guys at my stations financed Hyundai's at dealer cost price. Not marked up at all, or negotiated.
  2. Mr. 7

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    We've talked about it before. Basically, the auto deals are no big savings. You're better off not mentioning it and haggling with the dealer.
  3. Serf

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    Roger that.:ashamed:
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    The Hyundai deal is only like $650 off. You are not saving thousands. The discount can only be combined with factory incentives and rebates. Not dealer discounts. If you have a dealer offering $6000 off plus factory incentives it would be cheaper than the program price plus factory incentives.

    There can be savings, but it has to be the right vehicle at the right time of year. Its helps to know the FWP and what supplier and employee price for vehicle is. Invoice price is just a marketing tool now days and there are only a couple people in the whole dealership that know what the actual invoice of a particular vehicle is. By the time they factor in holdback, CIS money, Ad money, etc the dealerships are not going broke. Always cracsk me up when one of the co-workers brags about buying the vehicle below invoice.
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    As with all of FedEx's so-called "benefits", seems better deals can almost always be found on your own without expending much effort.
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    FedEx belongs to a benefits group that offers the same lame "discounts" to many large corporations. Their deal on a car is about the same as Costco's...not really a deal at all.

    But remember, nobody else has SplashSplash benefits like we do.
  7. Route 66

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    Thought I'd share this image of my family's recent visit to Splash Splash.... We had such a wonderful time and we couldn't speak highly enough of Fred the entire time....

    sadly, only a few short weeks left til our discount goes away until next November
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    But, route it's pretty no? Frozen and unusable, but still pretty.
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    pretty in December, but by this time of year - it's BUTT UGLEEE!!!
  10. Cactus

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    Fed EX announced today that the FDX discount will only apply to 1972 Pintos.

    Ford Pinto.jpg
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