Taking my FHPs when I call in

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    I was just wondering...

    When I call in about not coming in to work, do I have to specify what I wasnt them to do. (i.e. No Pay, FHP or Sickday, etc.) I was under the impression that when I call in and I don't say when I want them to code it as, it would just default to no pay. This past week I had to call in 2 days w/ no pay because I didn't want them to use my FHPs because I needed them at a later date. I called in on a Mon and Tues and came back on a Weds. And this week my FT Sup says they coded me as 2 FHPs (Option Days/OPD) and 1 OPW (Option Week). So I also find out that my PT Sup didn't log me in like I told him to do, because I misplaced my time card and I just told him to log the hours in for me.

    So what can I do about this. Both sups tell me that "it's too late to change it" because it already has gone in to payroll. As of this moment I checked it on UPSers.com and it has gone through. I call BS on this situation and would like to know how I can reclaim my days if I can.
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    They will take the days you have remaining and pay you, there is no default to "no pay" unless you have no days available. at least that is my understanding.

    Your best bet is to (1) voice your displeasure then (2) call in next time you know there's people on vacation or also out on personal/sick days and you have none left. At least you get some redemption. :sick:
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    Thanks for the quick input.

    So those 2 OPDs I was trying to hold on to are pretty much gone then huh. Can anyone else elaborate on the issue?
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    Check your supplement, they can't do that in the Atlantic Area. Here they pay you a sick day unless you specifically ask for something else. If you don't have sick days left(we can bid them as a vacation week here) then it's automatically an unpaid call in unless you ask to burn a personal day or a paid vacation day (they are not obligated to do that, but they generally will). My advice would be to talk to a shop steward and file on it if they done you wrong.
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    They would code you anyway that works best for themselves. (can you blame them if you didn't specify exactly what you wanted). Never assume they will do anything to your favor unless you have it in writing ----and that don't always work either.:sad-little:
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    They were option days, not sick days. I agree with what Jones said about option days, though. If you don't have sick days, generally they do not use option days unless you specifically ask them.
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    Yeah that's what they've done for me in the past. But, so should I try to get the settled with the FT Sup? And if he doesn't want to help fix it, or says "it's too late" should I then go to the shop steward?
  8. UnsurePost

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    I would just go right to the steward.
    The F/T sup , at least typically, has no interest in correcting or backtracking anything. What's done is done and no reversing it, whether true or not, is probably what you will hear.
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    You called in this week or last week?

    If you called in this week then it isn't too late for them to change the days.

    For this weeks time they have till monday to make changes.
  10. synystergates

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    I called out last week. I did not find out until this week that they used my OPDs without my notice.
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    it is my understanding that it has trickled down from corporate that nobody can take any days off anymore. The way I understand it is all days off will come out of your optional days unless you're sick. Then once you're out you must come to work period, or face disciplinary action. ( unless you're sick ) I heard they're doing that because they do not want to hire any new drivers. The only way they can do that is to have everyone at work. You may be SOL
  12. dilligaf

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    Code, I understand what you are saying but with so many drivers on layoff (we have 4 or 5), I don't think hiring new drivers is an issue right now.

    Here, even with the lay-offs, we have senior drivers that are being given a day off every day. To bad for me that those days that are being given rarely get down to me.

    Disciplinary action? Not here.
  13. UpstateNYUPSer

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    I have always been of the opinion that if you have paid days left that you should have to use those first before being given "dead days".
  14. UPSNewbie

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    I remember some type of union/UPS contract that's written down somewhere that this applies to...:knockedout:
  15. City Driver

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    exhibit a: our contract
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    Here's how it is in the Central States. With the new contract, drivers could choose, by signing their names on a list, to take their option week as individual days. And, in fact, a new driving job was created, to substitute for drivers who were taking their individual option days. However, we were told in advance, if we took those option days individually, then when we wanted a day off, we would have to use those days if available, before we could take off a day without pay. So, all of the old timers, the ones who take a lot of days off without pay, just took their option week as a week of vacation, and then take the days off without pay whenever we want. Out here, we also have the option to take that 50 hour week in pay and take no days off at all. So, that being the case, one could simply take the pay in january, put it in the bank, and draw it out whenever you want to be paid for a day off. By the way, just because a day of pay has been issued on a check, is no reason that it can't be corrected if it is incorrect. We see paycheck adjustments often...well as often as the drivers catch them.
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    I don't see anywhere in the contract where you can just "call in" and get a day off. Their ability to question you if you call in sick is limited, and FMLA gives you the right to call in without prior notice in certain circumstances, but no-pay no-notice holidays are not a contractual right, to my knowledge.