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  1. iUPS

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    What exactly does it entail?

    Obviously it gives you the zip code and you have to choose where it goes ( I would assume)

    Does it give you all the information, though? Does it just give you just the zip code on the test, or does it give you the city/state/human readable as well?

    So far all I know is you take the test on a computer and you have like 2-3 seconds to choose where that package would go by reading the zip code. I was just wondering if you get the other information as well (city/state/human readable) as it would make it much easier.
  2. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Why would you need city/state if you have the zip?
  3. htown0721

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    All you need is the zip code, but you need to check with a sorter if certain destinations have different zips on the box. For example, I run a sort that goes to NY/NJ and Parsippany, NJ will have a little zip that says something like 7----, but a big zip that will say 81--- and we have to sort by the big zip codes. But if you go by the little zip code (when I say the little the numbers are smaller) you will get it wrong on the sort test.
  4. iUPS

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    Because before smart scanners it's always been easier to pair a zip code with a city or state as a way to remember it so you wouldn't misload it.

    At least it's that way for me.
  5. htown0721

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    To go with Upstate, you wont need a scanner so the city/state is irrelevant all you need is the Zip....goodluck, I think sorting is much easier than loading.
  6. iUPS

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    That's more of a special case it. I'm just talking about the information you get on the test while taking it.

    Do you only get the zip code? Or do you get more information like city/state as well?

    edit - Not that I have to guess the city or state or anything. I know all you need is the zip.

    All I'm wondering is if they give you the city/state as well as the zip when doing the test.
  7. OptimusPrime

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    City is not irrelevant. State would be. There are "exceptions". Like when I used to sort, 460XXX went pink. But not if say for example it was Kempton. Then it would be sorted gold.

    Christ I had to rack my brain to remember that. Anyways, you will be shown on the test a "legit" label, basically exactly as it would look on a real package.
  8. htown0721

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    When you start the test a label (just like the one on a box) will appear and you have to sort it to correct destination by selecting the correct belt on the computer. But as far as information you will receive it will be the same that you see everyday on a box city, state, zip etc
  9. iUPS

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    Nice! That makes it a lot easier.

  10. htown0721

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    FYI, this is your one freebie from management, never again will you receive help, advice, or any bit of direction........hahaha j/k
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    have been searching high and low for the simple response that let's me know if it's what belt (destination) the package is going to that you'd need to when taking the sort test. Do they also ask what zip goes to what city/state on test? For example what city/state is zip code blank? Just making sure I'm not wasting time studying unnecessarily or not studying enough
  12. silenze

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    No you just click a belt color on the screen.