SAP program question

Most likely because there’s much more to the story. People with extreme addictions, never tell the complete truth. They usually live in an alternate reality.
Again there is nothing more to this story! Last time I’ll say it. But thank you guys for the input. Again I’m not saying I’m in the “right” here but also not saying I’m in the wrong.


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My first post is EXACTLY what happened. Not sugar coating anything. Glad I came here for advice and to be beat up by my union brothers but I guess the moral of the story is I should’ve known better and management is always right. They have you all brainwashed too.

Nobody.... suggested you try and skirt around the rehab agreement you signed..


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When I say I’d rat on my “dear Teamster brothers”, I’m only kinda joking. Especially if they had more seniority and getting them off the roster would be advantageous. But that’s me, I’m a dick. Probably the person who narced on him didn’t think they were being a dick. Probably they thought they were doing the right thing (they were). I wish I had a dollar for every time I heard an alcoholic blame all his friends that they didn’t intervene before he hit rock bottom.

Or maybe nobody narced on him at all. Maybe one of the people he drunk dialed thought it was funny, and told the story to somebody he thought was cool, who repeated it to somebody he thought was cool, until it got to the boss whose job is to be not cool.

Either way OP played a stupid game and won a stupid prize. He cannot control his behavior or exercise sound judgment when he is drinking. He is lucky that he reached for his phone instead of his car keys or his pistol. We might have never heard this story that could serve as a cautionary tale. Hopefully everyone who reads this will make better decisions for the sake of their careers and their families.


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Well first, don’t drink and put your job in Jeopardy when you’re on SAP program, secondly, learn who your friends actually are, because those are not them.
Huge problem…that’s why there is so much room dedicated in the contract book about it. Seen people given a chance only to :censored2: it up later on…with a variety of ways.