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    Word coming out our "big sister", same-city station, is that managers are exerting that much pressure on couriers to achieve unrealistic SPH goals, this topped off with and a zero tolerance late package rule, that they are now #1 in vehicle accidents in the district, (first time ever), with 9 of them in the last month alone. Also, several couriers had recurred to People Help for stress management and counseling.

    But what's even worse, 911 paramedics had been called 3 times, (in the last 6 weeks), during the AM sort due to chest pain complaining couriers. All three of them were transported to the hospital for evaluation, monitoring and treatment. Only one courier have been back.

    Oh denies any wrong doing.


    With the outbreak of West Nile virus in Texas this year, what happens if you get bitten and contract it while on the clock? How does the company prove or even more likely, disprove it? The skeeters in our building are so bad this year, that they stocked up on OFF spray for us. If you could prove that you did contract it at work, would it be considered an illness or worker's comp?
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    This is sad, and totally predictable. What a "people" company.
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    Dude seriously what station is this ?
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    This is the kind of crap you need to tell your local media about. This whole thing is like a festering zit that's just about to pop. When it does, there will be a mess.
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    I thought workers comp was for work related injuries not illness, but I may be wrong.
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    Sad but true. There is a ton of pressure at our station as well. Delivery routes collasped in AM and couriers forced out over max and pushed to make service. PM pick up routes stretched out farther and pushed to make impossibe SPH goals. Calls for help to dispatch met with sorry no one available to help with pick ups or deliveries. Senior manager and managers huddled in offices together talking about how to get more SPH out of all routes. OLCCs for missed PODs have couriers trying to back track to get POD in pick up cycle or before return to building when P pad fails. Gap reports, increased check rides and tons of indivdual discussions about how each should be able to do impossible. Couriers with seniority have their routes subjected to constant change as they give the easy stops to those with less seniority. I am not one bit surprised by what I see anymore. They lie, lie and lie some more. The company appears bound to take Express to a pure overnight service division filled with as many lower paid "new" part time employees and as few "new" full time as each station will allow. It may not be as apparent at each station as the process begins but it will be I think in the next 2 years. I do not think the managers at station level are informed as to the ultimate destination of this train. Although, some suspect it appears. They are trying to keep the managers thinking it will be just a few more routes collasped or a few more employees gone. But managers need to save dollars for the of course those employees that fall under more scrutiny .....are both part time and full time employees with the most seniority. More bag for the buck. And not all the people at our station with seniority are old guys....some just got in when young or worked part time with another job. So the aim at those with seniority appears to be purely about rate of pay not efficiency or physical ability. I think that is why they would like to have DRA in place so that they can fill the station with the lowest paid employees possible and encourage turnover. Just take a look at the changes on every policy from accidents sick split shift pay...shift differentials.....and all those not mentioned but drastically changed by corporate. I like what I do but face it appears if you are not a fairly recent hire ....Fedex does not want you and they do not want you to stay either no matter who you are. I may not be among the most senior employees but I am in the middle and they will get to me inevitably. Any way, all this pressure is enough to break down anyone. I think you will see more health claims and accidents.
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    I agree totally. Your words speak of the harsh reality.
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    Our accidents are elevated now also, of course when questioned management denies the link.

    Several folks are now out injured.

    What a place to work anymore, feels like Foxconn must in China, I suppose it's only fitting we will be delivering the slave labor iPhones.....
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    I find it very difficult to believe that one station has had nine accidents in one month. What station is it, so I can look it up, lol...
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    Thanks for Posting this information. We had someone get heatstroke and the manager came out and instead of taking the courier off the rte, he helped the courier finish the rte. Man! Certain personalities allow themselves to be treated this way but what you speak of is a whole different animal altogether.
    Haste makes waste, this I learned a long time ago.
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    Why don't you send him a PM to ask a question like that? Believe me, I don't doubt it for a minute. From a long time friend I know, I can tell u of a station that destroyed 3 vehicles in one month. So don't think for a minute this isn't happening all over the country. How many of us post here? Maybe 1% of the countries work force and we heard of so much negativity concerning safety? Don't be the guy that gets hit by the ambulance because he didn't believe his ears.
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    That courier needs to contact the department of labor and a labor attourney and sue the company over this and have the offending manager fired. Heatstroke is serious and the consequences can be dire. Obviously Fred cares much more about numbers than human life and safety.


    For obvious reasons, I'll not disclose the actual station this happened in, other than it is a rather large Florida station. This station dispatches over 100 delivery routes daily, covering aproximately 30+ zip codes. So, percentage wise and given the circunstances, you see this feast is not that difficult to achieve.