talking to his girlfriend

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    During the shift one worker goes to the fence line to talk to his girlfriend. His girlfriend meets him at the fence line brings him food and they talk while he's suppose to be working. This worker is the only parttime worker making near fulltime hours regularly. Other workers have confronted this worker, worker does'nt care, now it's to the point where one worker is going to the LP department hotline and say unethical activity going on on this shift. I told the person this is not a termination offense. In this situation what can you do?
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  3. DS

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    get lp involved.this guy may be trading cell phones for sandwiches
  4. Jones

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    Why do you care so much? If you think he's being dishonest, then let your supervisor know. Once you've done that it's the company's problem not yours. He's their employee and they are the ones paying him, so let them worry about what he does on their time.
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    Is the girlfriend hot???

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    The only thing hot is the sandwich she gives him !! lol
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    I hope it's one of those toasted subs from Subway.
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    Personally, I prefer my women and my subs untoasted
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    When she's toasted she so much mote fun.
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    Never would have thought he could be trading property at the fence. There is only LP in Hawaii, and that person only comes around when things go wrong.
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    He's not, don't worry
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    If I understood your post correctly, he is stealing time and can be terminated. It sounds like an ongoing situation. The supes haven't noticed?
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    If I was a pkg car driver in Hawaii I would well,I could while away the hours confirmin with the flowers ,consultin' with the rain
    and my head I'd be scratchin while my thoughts were busy hatchin
    if I only had a brain.
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    If you were a driver in Hawaii, you'd be going around in circles!!
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    I believe the sups know but choose not to do nothing. Becuase this person already got terminated for work place violence, got fired for backing into roll up doors with a package car, then got the job back. When ever that happens to a UPSers that UPSers now feels untouchable.
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    Or you could be smoking weed, while driving.
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    If I were a package car driver in Hawaii i'd be one happy mfer.
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    Only if you like retiring at age 65. Last I checked they didn't have PEER.
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    why do you care? it isn't your problem.
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    Yep, he could be "stealing time" but it is management's problem, not yours. Unfair as it seems, it's often the UPS way. Look the other way, don't go out of your way to cover his job and let the chips fall if and when they do. Spend time concentrating on doing your best.

    You're not alone in the situation, happens everywhere with no explanation. Let it go.