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    Are we allowed to talk while working? I can't find any language on the matter but today my un-loader came up to me and I tried to say hello, and he said the supervisor said she would give warning letters for talking. I lol'd.
  2. thelus

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    The answer is this if you are working and someone is next to you isalso working and you guys continue to work while talking the answer is yes. Now if you stop working to chit chat that would be a negative or if your chatting really does interrupt someone's work that's a no. But if your working and you happen to talk while working I would do what I do that is laugh at the manager that told you to shut up. I am a combo driver/sorter and on my sort half I'll talk while sorting and couple of times there have been managers who dont' know who I am, come over and tell me to shut up. I look for a sec, then proceed to laugh at them and tell them they should be stand up comedians. But as for the warning letters remember if you get one to put in a rebuttal grievance right away as to make the warning letter as useless as a UPS manager.
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    What if you talk to yourself?
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    that would be ok as long as you dont stop working to answer yourself.
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    but seriously, i guess it just depends on your supervisor. I've had about 6 in 2 years and most of them don't care as long as you're working. Now I did have one last peak season that would flip out if he saw us talking while working. He was crazy and the worst supervisor ever, never got anything done.
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    More wisdom for our supervision.Give them a polo and wind them up.
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    tell them you have this amazing ability; that you are able to work AND talk at the same time...
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    His SUP is obviously a _ _ _ _ with nothing better to do !!! Probably a kid on a power kick. Those kind of sup you learn not to talk to unless they ask you a question other wise you just ignore them.

    I like to see how that would go over with a good steward in the room.
  9. UpstateNYUPSer

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    ...throw in chewing gum and they may just name you CEO!:happy2:
  10. As a Manager, I think it's freakin' ridiculous to make an issue out of someone talking, and working.
    The assumption here is that they are indeed working, not making mistakes, not being unsafe, etc.
    I think we have bigger issues to resolve.
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    This is nice to hear... at least there are some reasonable management out there.
  12. UpstateNYUPSer

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    The many descriptions I have read re: DOL have not included the term "reasonable".:wink2:
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    We had a guy on the preload that used to sing along to his ipod. Very loudly also. We all wish there would have been a no singing rule.
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    That sounds like me in fine voice in the key of "R"
  15. That was the "Old" DOL. Remember the screaming Manager Avatar? Probably not.
    Skyking mellowed me out and then I found out he was a fraud with three different screen names.

    The current Avatar is either a very young UPS manager in the making or some baby letting out some gas.
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    Maybe just in this instance! :peaceful:
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    How can there be any rule against general talking? If you need to talk to someone about something work related how can there be a rule against that and how would they know you arent talking about something work related? If you or others around you arent keeping caught up with your work then don't stand around and chat. They can't possibly make a general "not talking" rule, but they should make an excessive chatting rule, easily seen when standing around and talking while work needs to be done. The supervisors should make a case by case determination concerning whats excessive and what isnt. If a certain employee(s) is spening alot of time chatting on a day after day basis then they arent spending enough time on their work and or don't have enough work to do.
  18. Scooter1

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    It can get ridiculous.

    As a steward I represented a fellow union member that was being written up for farting. The sup said it was disrupting the work area and the employee was going to be given a warning letter. I told the sup, the warning letter would be greived, since passing gas is normal body function. I told him to be prepared to explain how many times an employee can be allowed to fart and how he came up with this number. How would the sup count the farts, since some don't make any noise (silencers)? The sup said it had to do with the smell too, so I asked him how he would measure the smell. He couldn't answer any of these questions. He then got mad when I asked him how many times he farts in a week and to discribe the smell he makes. I told the sup I would embarass him at the grievence meeting and he decided it would be too difficult for him to fight. :dead:
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    I was working as a charger the other day, and my co-worker at times would keep talking to people that come by. Now, I dont care if its a simple "how are you" etc, but these conversations went on to last about 5min each. Meanwhile, I'm charging all by myself and the slide fills up. I'm a pretty mean person in real life, and kept thinking to myself :"***? Why is she talking for that long, what kinda BS is this?"

    Don't get me wrong, I talk to people WHILE working all the time, and believe that a casual conversation while working is appropriate, however, to engage in a 5min conversation while your co-worker is working is not cool, AT ALL.

    So, yes, I do believe that talking while working without actually doing work should be prohibited and warning letters in that regard should be send out.

    It's only fair to the people that ACTUALLY work. Talk on your break.
  20. If he sang some old Queen songs, like "Who want's to live Forever"; it would be great; even if he had a lousy voice! In fact, the worse the better!!!:happy-very: