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  1. crazygill

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    if anyone out here has any info on taw work I need to know how long you can be on it and how many can be on it .and help wil help Thanks
  2. HazMatMan

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    My contract book doesn't specify how long you can be on it, or how many can be on it.. sorry... I'm assuming your union, check with your Steward....
  3. crazygill

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    I am a steward we have a guy that is on taw this is a ups thing not in the union book just looking for any info from all other centers they seem to all have dif set of rules or just what fits today this guy was asked to return to work because ups wanted him off the comp for the month of FEB because as we all no numbers are what we strive for now that they made the numbers they want him back on comp and the doctor wants him on taw because he wants him to work slowly back in.
  4. brown67

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    30 days is the rule of thumb around here. I don't know what union rules you work under, but normally if a job is worked more than 30 days than the union can grieve it to become permanent work. This applies to TAW work too. Our TAW people will work 30 days and then they go out permanently.
  5. Load Stand

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    Not sure what state you are referring to, but in most states, TAW will not delay any comp or save any UPS numbers. Usually someone on TAW can draw partial comp instead of full comp, so there really is no financial advantage.

    If someone needs to go out of work totally, then it does cost some more (in real comp and UPS numbers).

    But let's be honest here, if one can do some tasks if injured on the job, and the problem appears to be a short term problem (30 work days), why would one not want to work TAW???? It keeps the benefits active and provides income to the injured worker while waiting for partial wage loss benefits to kick in....the union still gets their union dues....the employee does not feel the need to burn any sick/personal days while waiting...the employee does not get used to watching the Flinstones while those that took the caution not to get hurt, slave all day.....

    If it is obvious the problem is not expected to be resolved in the next 30 work days (6 weeks) and if the tasks that the employee is expected to perform are not that needed, then yes, perhaps the employee should be out totally and the TAW days should be saved for the tail end....one call to the Labor Manager in the district should resolve this.
  6. local804

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    30 working days is the MAX.
  7. Leftinbuilding

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    30 days ,then back to work or on comp.
  8. Ms Spoken

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    Here it's back on Comp until your ready to return to work.
  9. scratch

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    I have been out of work the last five weeks on Workman's Comp. I was supposed to go back in this past week on TAW, but had a scheduled vacation instead. I sat at home the first four weeks, and the original plan was to work two weeks on TAW, by coming in and bagging smalls on the Preload and maybe delivering NDA. My Surgeon has me on a 50-80 lb. restriction. He is impressed with the TAW concept, he stated that it helps his patients return easier to their old normal routine. I am looking forward to going back to work Monday to my normal daily grind, I need to lose about ten pounds!
  10. trickpony1

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    Click on the "UPS NMA" link in the left column of Browncafe opening page.
    Scroll down to "Article 14" and click. Section 2 (TAW) seems to have a lot of ambiguity. I've seen one driver offered TAW and another driver was offered nothing. I guess it depends on who they like.
  11. outta hours

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    It used to be 30 days max here also. But now people are on it for 2-4 months with no lost time being reported to OSHA. Quite amazing they come in and scan pkgs. on the cars for a few hours and then sit in the office and help the OMS do their job. Totally free of any supervision for the majority of their day. I know a few who will hide in the back and find an empty tractor or pkg. car to sleep in. All for the same money I'm getting paid to work. :confused:1
  12. local804

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    Thats a fact jack!
    They get assigned to automotive so the center dont get charged for it. It fudges time lost due to injury when its workers comp board time also. Just another UPS cover up.
  13. crazygill

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    Fellow ups people thanks for the info let me be very clear this guy wants to work does not want to be on comp has worked on taw and does work the best that he can. after 21 years I think he knows how hard we all work he just wants what ifs fair if their is other peolpe working taw longer then 30 days he wants to know THANKS to ALL
  14. paganpink

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    The 30 working day number is correct. In rare cases it can be extended; for instance maybe the person just needs a little more time and are going to obtain a full release if just given another week, for example, for the injury to heal. But such extensions have to be approved by the safety manager and usually even the Human Resource manager. The reason for a limit is that most minor injuries should heal given 30 or so working days, and if they don't then it usually means that there is something more serious going on. It's meant to help keep a person still working and receiving full pay, not to be a permanent or semi-permanent substitute for their assigned job.
  15. steelheader69

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    I think it just depends really. It's 30 WORKING days on TAW. I know, I've been on it 3 times (all with same injury). I fell through a porch making a delivery. Blew out 8 discs in my back and did some good damage to my shoulder as well. Funny though, last time I was on TAW, I was on it for almost 6 MONTHS!!!! Never knew there was a limit (think last two times I was on, was about 2 months each). It wasn't until the DOT took away my DOT card (during my physical, I disclosed I was on prescribed narcotics for injury) I was immediately told my TAW was over (I couldn't shuttle packages anymore). So really think it depends on the center and who's making the rules at the time. I know now they push the 30 working days, and are saying "It's never been more then 30 working days". But I know when I went out, and when I went off to workers comp. Started on my daughters birthday (August) and went out at Valentines day (Feb). So I'd say it's over 30 working days. LOL.

    Will say it was nice though. Had all my bennies and my standard check everyweek. BUT, for those saying "why wouldn't you want to be on TAW". When you're in pain, nothing worse then having to sit in an office. Day goes by slow and hard to get comfortable. I fealt much better and wasn't as depressed when I was finally sent home.