TCD and contract language question

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  1. 2nd year TCD I heard that if you are TCD and scan and deliver ground after January 1st you can file and they have to make you full time but some sups say they "extended" the TCD time so we can work the first two weeks of January got me scheduled to drive Friday the 2nd so I'm wondering what the truth is behind this
  2. barnyard

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    Peak goes till January 15.

    Your best bet for an accurate answer for YOUR area though is to get a contract book and read it.
  3. PT Car Washer

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    There would be more opportunities for FT drivers if there were no temp drivers. Something to think about.
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  4. barnyard

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    If there had been the chance to TCD when I was PT, I would have done that and remained PT. I am not a fan of working 45 hour weeks year round.
  5. UPSGUY72

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    The truth is in your contract book. Read sometime than you will know if the rumors that you hear are true or not.
  6. Dragon

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    if its on the internet......
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  7. if a full time spot opens it will be to the most senior part timer that wants to and is able to go full time


    If you're a cover driver, you will scan ground all day long. That's part of being a cover driver. You cover a driver when he/she is on vacation, etc.

    However, your supplement might say something about having to create a full-time driving job if you are used over a certain amount of consecutive days. And, if they do create a full-time position it will go to the highest seniority employee, even if that position is a result of you driving enough consecutive days to create it.
  9. PT Car Washer

    PT Car Washer Well-Known Member

    So it may not be in your best interest for a FT job to open up. Could leave you back in the preload and looking for a second job.