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    Hi everyone. I'm new here and after searching i didn't find the answer i was looking for.

    I was hired on 9/13 and i'm trying find out what counts towards my 30 days for seniority. I'm attempting to count the days to see if it is even possible to get my 30 punches before peak starts.

    I don't have my union steward number or i would ask him.

    1) Does the official Peak start date change from year to year? Some drivers i have spoken to said 10/15 and other stated end of October, but I found a google hit last night that said peak doesn't start until mid November.

    2) I had an initial 3 days with my supervisor. He drove on the first and I drove the 2nd and 3rd day. Do I count the 1st day of training?

    3) I keep seeing the term "reports". Is that the same thing as "punches"

    4) Do the days i run Air count toward my 30 punches?

    Thanks in advance!
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    When I started you had to have your 30 days in before Nov.1 but if you didn't make it they started back up in Jan.May have changed by now that's been along time ago.